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HR make false promises before joining

I'm from India. I joined my new organisation 1 month ago. Before joining recruiter/HR make promises that I will be working on the specific tool I’m only interested in but after joining manager and ...
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Recognizing performance of individual workers

Our company is big on giving praise where praise is due. How that works is you get to nominate one or more people who are always doing some amazing work, going the extra mile, etc. However, since we ...
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Problematic Employee [closed]

A San Francisco (SFO) company wanted to have an Asian coverage and sent (forced) an Employee X to start its Asian setup, and after six months was supposed to return to SFO. Six months became three ...
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Employees' Engagement in Virtual Meetings

We are a growing company with 12 employees. We all work virtually and meet in the office once a month or two. Office meetings are efficient compared to virtual meetings, but as everyone is working in ...
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Employee doesn't listen to my demands

So I have a developer working on dockerizing one of our application for production. The thing is that it's already done for development, and he has been taking a lot of time doing it. He also is doing ...
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How to fly under the radar when you are just waiting for your stock to vest? [closed]

I am a disengaged employee who can't be bothered to try anymore but I have stock which is a large part of my compensation so I will be hanging around until at least November. My reasons are the usual ...
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Employee being unreliable and logging too many hours

A marketing/PR manager below me has one employee (let's call him John) that has been constantly unreliable. They agree on something, let's say "John, post this on instagram today" and he ...
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Got hired based on referral for qualities that have nothing to do with my job. Now I hear whispers. How to fly below radar for a year?

I'm two months into a new job where I was hired on the basis of being this superstar in a number of areas based on various achievements I have. I was referred to the job by a former co-worker who ...
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Can poor performance in optional , but work sponsored activities hurt my standing in the company?

For National Cybersecurity Awareness Month in October, my employer is sponsoring a secure code warrior competition where teams who sign up are presented with software code with security ...
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How can I handle lack of respect from co-workers and lack of discipline from managers

I'm an administrator for an estate. A large part of my role is checking up on the paperwork and standards of the work of other colleagues. The concierge team are supposed to hand in paperwork to the ...
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How to maintain engagement with a (newly) remote workforce?

I work on a project of ~50 people, split across 4 sites. To maintain employee engagement, we have various long-running employee engagement activities, including: Team morning teas/coffees After work ...
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How can I keep employees motivated?

What are some effective tactics used to keep employees motivated and enthusiastic for the company vision and to achieve long-term retention? (developers mainly) Or if you are an employee: what have ...
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First employee engagement survey - should I address that my pay is not enough?

My department’s HR people have started running an employee engagement survey, and they expect everyone to participate. This is the first one they’ve administered since I started last year. Although ...
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Cleaning lady misreporting hours worked

We've had a cleaning lady/housekeeper for over 2 years now. She's a hard worker and very trustworthy, but her time reporting always bugged me but I didn't have any proof. We moved to a new house ...
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Dealing with a cheapskate employer

My employer is cheap and always brings up the same reason, "No budget", when it comes to spending money regardless of whether there is money or not. I received the same response during my annual ...
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Email suggestion for a rogue email from my manager [closed]

Following scenario happened with me and my manager. Please suggest what should be the reply-email. Recently, I fell sick on a Sunday eve and had to drop a sick leave email to my manager stating that ...
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How effective are Employee Engagement Surveys? (Employee Perspective)

Our organisation conducts Employee Engagement Surveys to get the feedback from emoyees. The surveys are being conducted by third party vendor named Quantum Workplace. The exact words written in a ...
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What is the appropiate way to deal with employees wanting to lead the development of their "ideas"? [closed]

In my mind, an employee deserves credit for their work, and if the employee doesn't get just credit for such work, they have a right to be dissatisfied. As a manager, I am well aware of this and I ...
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