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How do I deal with talented, but difficult employees?

I am managing a team of 10+ knowledge workers (developers, testers, technical support, no sales person). There are employees in my team who are extremely talented, who can consistently provide better ...
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Irrelevant jobs vs long employment gap

In your resume, is it a good idea to put an irrelevant job rather than having a long employment gap? I just move to another country and things are very different. I keep looking for a job in my field ...
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How can I respond to an employee who objects to working on certain projects on ethical grounds?

My company does services for various clients. We recently were offered a contract to perform these services for a guy in the city who does predictions, tarot, numerology and the like for people. He ...
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How can we motivate employees to complete IT certificates?

Our company is an IT service provider which develops software for other companies. To attract customers, we encourage our employees to complete and maintain IT certifications (like Java certificates ...
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Loud and unprofessional employee

I have a small startup company with less than 10 people (I am the owner). There is just one employee that is distracting me and others with his behavior. He is loud speaker, sometimes starts singing ...
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How can I discourage employees from working voluntary overtime?

I run a small company (5 salaried employees). We have recently expanded from 3 to 5 staff, and while we are comfortable financially, there is not much spare money available. However there is a lot of ...
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How to react when employee is not interested in career development?

I am a manager at a large tech company. Three months ago, all the managers at our company had career conversations with our team members. One of my team members has expressed that she is not ...
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Overpayment after leaving company [closed]

After leaving a company I was paid 4 additional paychecks. My previous employer is now asking for the funds back and I do not have the funds to pay. They say I have about 45 days to pay or they will ...
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Should I accept a raise when I am planning on leaving the company? [closed]

My one year review is due and my Front Office Manager has verbally informed me they're planning on giving me a raise. The problem is I'm hoping to leaving the country in two months, I'm waiting for ...
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How can I keep employees motivated?

What are some effective tactics used to keep employees motivated and enthusiastic for the company vision and to achieve long-term retention? (developers mainly) Or if you are an employee: what have ...
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How can I request my company not use my photos for promotional purposes without my explicit permission?

I got an email today notify that my company will take photos of all employees. The photo will be used for employee profile and is company's right to use it for promotional purposes. I checked my ...
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Difference between contract and full time? [closed]

From what I understand full time employees get things like vacation, health insurance, dental and retirement. Are there any other important differences?
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New employee has offensive Slack handle due to language barrier

A new employee just came on board, and their lack of understanding of the English language has been a bit of a hurdle. This has become apparent in the handle/username they chose for our chat system (...
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What career opportunities should I offer to a programmer who doesn't want to get to management position?

There was a question about the ways a programmer can take to grow above programming job (What are possible career transitions for a seasoned software developer?) but I haven't found any information ...
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How to convince employees that IM and Facebook during work is unethical?

I believe that the employer pays employees their salaries to keep working for seven or eight hours daily, and he didn't agree, while signing the contract, that there is few hours set aside daily for ...
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How to handle a highly productive employee but who reacts extremely emotionally to code reviews?

I currently work with a smaller environment as a manager of a team. Everyone on the team is very talented and gets things done, but we have someone who is far above anyone I have ever met in my 40 ...
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What to do when a new employee makes basic spelling and grammar mistakes?

The company my other half works for has recently employed a new admin assistant, but she is constantly making basic spelling and grammar mistakes. A few examples would be which/witch, your/you're, ...
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Employee is self-centered and affects the team negatively

I manage a satellite office of about 25 people for my company. This question is about Jane, a new employee. She is young, in her mid 20s. I was the one who hired her. She seemed very pleasant and ...
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How to convince new employee to stop trying to change our office culture on profanity

Programmers and clients alike will use the F word very casually in my office (IT in rural Australia). It's not an insult but only acts as a qualifier to how difficult (or easy) the situation or ...
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To be a successful new manager, must I stay competitive against my reports?

I was promoted to manager because I always helped my team learn new things about our work and was always given the task to coordinate big projects for us. After a certain point, I was doing more ...
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How to manage an employee who talks too much?

I manage a team of engineers. For the most part everyone is self-motivated and doesn't need much management. There is one engineer in particular, though, that is very difficult to work with. He has ...
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Benefits not included in the employment contract [duplicate]

I was offered a massive deal with a big (and extremely profitable) company. Besides great pay, they also offer a number of awesome benefits. However, those benefits aren't listed in the employment ...
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In the US, can an employer sack an employee by giving wrong or disputable reasons?

Updated: Obviously they can fire you and let you go but the question here is about disputed reason that they came up with which might not be true or are totally wrong, just to damage you further. ...
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Should I quit my job for before signing contract with another employer?

I'm a senior developer in an advertising company, which due to current economic situations I faced various problems with them. First : We have a delayed monthly payment which causes many problems. ...
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4 answers

How to do things right while trying to date a coworker?

I'm based in Western Europe. Relationships among coworkers aren't rare here and I know several couples who met in the office, including bosses who married and had kids with their (former) subordinates....
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Is there any benefit to being a W2 at-will employee without benefits or salary versus a 1099 contractor?

My friend has a W2 100% commission job. He looked for a W2 because too many 1099 jobs were scams. However, this job has: No benefits (health, dental, etc) No base salary Completely at-will - ...
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Having an employee move teams because you feel they're better suited elsewhere, but they want to stay?

I have an employee who really excels at designing and implementing web interfaces for things like APIs, however, the team the employee is currently on focuses primarily on lower level monitoring tools ...
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