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My company is reducing overtime but allowing temporary employees overtime. Also laying off home employees and or firing them [closed]

USA ohio Haitians mexican temporary workers getting all the overtime full time employees being reduced to 40hrs getting lay off fired what should I do
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Is there any issue if I make my prior job title more generic on my resume? For ex: "Sr Marketing Associate" versus "Sr Digital Marketing Associate"

I am working on updating my resume, and I was thinking about changing how I present my prior job title(s). I want to make clear, I am NOT suggesting overstating my title (saying I was a Manager when I ...
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How to determine the value of a restraint of trade?

I'm considering a sole trader employment contract that has a 6 month restraint of trade after termination clause against soliciting "any business from any client or actively sought prospective ...
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Replacement announced

I’m working my notice period on gardening leave and I finish on 1st September but my employer has already filled my role and very publicly announced my replacement. My resignation didn’t go down well ...
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Would my friend by applying into a competitor will give me a negotiation leverage for a higher wage upon a company acquisition?

A friend of mine is working Upon a startup named GiamGiam (imaginary company name) for four years. The company has acquisitioned twice, one from FaeSouvaki (another imaginary company name) and then ...
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Is an employer required to notify changes to approved time off? [closed]

I have an agreement with my children’s father to meet up at the end of the school year and at the beginning of the school year for him to have them for the summer time. So I place at least six months ...
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Employment agency Manager asking for my passwords for all programs

Can my manager ask for my passwords? I’ve been working for an employment agency (privately owned) for 2 weeks as a Recruiter Account Manager. I received an email from my manager, asking me to email ...
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Asking for salary info after 1st interview?

A company reached out to me for an IT position. Before the 1st interview I asked them what the salary range was, and they said that it isn’t shared or discussed until after the interview feedback is ...
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I'm unsure about how is my CAD related profession called

I am studying electronic engineering but due to my passion for 3D modeling I applied for drone assembly and within first few months due to persistent contacting with management I worked my way up ...
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Is it a good idea to ask my boss for a one on one in this scenario?

Our department restructured and my new boss called me into his office a while ago. He offered me a new position title with a raise. Long story short I asked him if I could just be a senior project ...
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Late payment wages due [closed]

I started a new job recently and its monthly pay,today is my pay day but its 9pm and still have received my wages? I've spoke to some of the other employees and apparently it's the same every month. I'...
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Benefits and risks of telling new employers I have a heart problem I am recovering from

What are the benefits and risks of telling new employers I have a heart problem I am recovering from? If it was you would you tell new employers? I work as a software engineer.
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Interview at 60? [closed]

How does one prepare to go into an office (not a real socialized person) and ask someone half my age for a job that pays half of what I'm worth per hour that I'm overqualified for?
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Unethical as a subordinate to sell candy for fundraiser [closed]

I work in local government and a subordinate. Is it unethical to sell candy for my kids schools fundraiser?
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Will turning down an offer ruin my chances of working at that employer in the future?

I work at a community college in America. I'm pretty happy with my job all things considered but applied for a position at the local university. The interview revealed some red flags with this ...
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Does the fact that a job is part-time show up on employment history check?

For those working part-time jobs, if they do not specify that it's part-time on their resume, would an employment history check reveal that the job is part-time and not fulltime?
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Is it wise to turn down this job offer? [closed]

I'm newly 18, a freshman in university and unemployed. I've never had a job before, my family is chinese, and they highly valued getting into a good university over getting a job. So, I never even ...
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Hiring me just to fire me when transition is complete?

Some background: I work at TargetCo, SourceCo pays MiddleCo for my services at TargetCo, and my check is written by MiddleCo because they're an authorized SourceCo reseller. For other reasons, I went ...
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Apply to jobs of former company with good relations to current company?

I work as driver for Market_X of Fortune500_Co. Last year, Fortune500_Co sold Market_X to SmallCo, and now I drive for SmallCo. Fortune500_Co has other markets, and I want to apply to their driver ...
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How do I list contract to hire on my resume?

I was placed through a staffing agency for 4 months at a company. The company ended up hiring me full time after the placement contract expired from the staffing agency. I’ve been with the company ...
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Could producing a grave bug that made headlines make you unemployable? [closed]

Does producing such a grave bug like Log4Shell make you effectively unemployable? The people involved have committed under their real names and, taking into account how prominent the bug is, it's easy ...
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Is my employment contract invalid due to the absence of an explicitly referenced handbook? [closed]

My employment contract explicitly refers to an employee handbook for a number of issues, using the phraseology “see employee handbook”. My employer (a small company) never created an employee handbook ...
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Can company A verify offer pay with company B?

I have 2 offers, one from company A and one from company B. I accepted company B's offer due to the it being a lot better than company A. During the interview process, I told company B about the pay ...
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A friend shared interview questions with me

A friend who works for the company I applied, gave me the technical interview questions without me asking. I knew answers to most part of the questions but I got tempted to read through the questions ...
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What are my requirements when interviewing for a new job while already being employed?

I just started working at firm A 3 months ago, and firm B has reached out to me to interview with them. What are my responsibilities in informing my current employer that I am in any way doing so, if ...
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Is it reasonable to expect to wait a month before receiving a new contract of employment after salary negotiation?

I recently completed an apprenticeship for a company that I've been working at for three years now. Pretty soon after I received a contract of employment from them - however the salary was too low due ...
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Contract changed without permission

Before I state my question I would like to say that I'm not requesting legal advice. I've already reached out to a law firm regarding possible legal options. I work through a contract agency as a ...
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Is it reasonable for me to ask for the removal of a contract clause that says all the patents I produce go to the company?

I was recently offered a funded masters program in the field of mathematical modelling and computer coding. I was given a contract to sign which I subsequently declined because I was unhappy with a ...
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Withdrawing form a job offer via a recruiter when "official" documents are to follow

My questions is tangentially related to this one (but slightly different): I've been offered a job, but my new employer won't give me a contract until after I give my notice I have been given ...
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Would it be a bad idea to ask for a copy of all contracts that I signed from my former employer?

We parted on bad terms. I'm afraid to ask for copies, because such a request might spook them. On the other hand, asking for copies shows that I am making a good faith effort to comply with my ...
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Career Change Advice [closed]

29, Unemployed. I hold majors in Computer Science but coding/programming is not for me. It has been more than 14 months I am unemployed, tried BPO Jobs lasted for just 6 months max. I am done with ...
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Can we issue a certificate of employment for someone if our company is not legally registered?

I was a co-founder in my friend's startup for 6 months in India. It was something out of passion, not about money. So, the Company wasn't registered legally, all 10 of us were volunteering our ...
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Tips for applying for jobs while in a PhD program

I am a Statistics PhD student. I started my PhD upon the acceptance to my current university because this got so many people excited about me, and I didn't want to disappoint them. I finished my PhD ...
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After an employee has been terminated, how long should you wait before taking away their access to company email? [closed]

Should I email them a notice period like I will take away your access to company email in 5 days so please back up your stuff or should I just take it away?
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Are there any good metrics an employee can calculate to determine job stability, and the pressing need to look for other work

Are there any good metrics an employee can calculate to determine job stability, and the pressing need to look for other work. In a personal finance course I recently came across the notion of income ...
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Wrong employment dates in a background check

I just got an offer for an internship, contingent with a satisfactory background check. The story is I worked as a temp for a company in beginning 2019 and decided to attend grad school in Jan 2020. ...
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I work for company A and Company B is happy with my work. What if I ask company B if they're hiring?

The thing that compelled me to ask this question here is this image/meme: Now, if I work at company A and we have a client company B, and I work as an outsourced staff for company B, and if I ask ...
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Working for competitor company competitor in same building where I was fired 8 months ago

I worked at supplier A until 8 months ago who is a direct competitor with supplier B at a large manufacturer C facility. I was let go from A because I messed up my job and wasn’t great and serious. 8 ...
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Negotiated a reduced notice that I think is being reneged

I recently decided to leave a position after 4 months, as it simply wasn't working out. I had a two month notice period in my contract and had found a new position already that I am eager to start. I ...
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Verification of employment for stealth mode startup, USA [unpaid]

Background information: I have been working full time for a large corporation. Two months ago I left the full time job and joined a startup. I don't have any formal contract with this startup. However,...
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Arguments to continue consultancy job instead of being employed

I have started my own consultancy company. I have found a client for whom I have been working full time now for a few months. Since I am a consultant, I choose my own salary. I am not part of any ...
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How to answer "why did you leave your last job?" if you left because of retaliation after going to HR?

I have an interview this week with my dream company and I don't want to seem like a risky hire. How do I frame leaving my last job with a different tech company due to retaliation by my manager after ...
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How can I persuade my company's owner to change incoming resumes' names to neutral names to avoid unconsciously choosing the "better" names?

I would like to convince my company to neutralize resumes as soon as they receive them in order to prevent subconscious biases in the recruiter and others who only see the resume. Names on all ...
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2 promotional interviews in the same company, 1 day apart. Can I tentatively accept one and then change my mind?

I am currently employed for large organisation and have been for 8 years. Two management posts have become available working in different areas of the same company. The interviews usually take place ...
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Are Employer pension plan and EI contributions necessary in Canada?

Is it alright that there is no mention of Canada pension plan and EI contributions in an employment contract or in the letter of employment offer? Do these happen automatically at predefined rates and ...
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Employment contract in a small company

A small Canadian company sent me an offer of employment in which there is nothing said about my salary figures (which does not concern me, as I and my employer have discussed this verbally). The only ...
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My employer is demanding that, as a teacher, I have my webcam on all the day, do I have to comply?

Are there any laws in the European Union about video conferencing and calling? I'm a teacher at a school in Spain, and I'm now forced to work from home because of COVID-19. We have been assigning work ...
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Employer might be giving me a job offer by mistake

I'm in a somewhat unusual situation, and not sure what I should do. Last week, I had an interview for a mid/upper-level manager. I'm very unqualified for this position (I don't have any management ...
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delays with running background check

I accepted an academic job offer, and was asked to consent to a background check 3 weeks ago. I filled out and submitted the online forms immediately. I followed up a week later, and was told that it ...
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As a software engineer, how should I prep for the coming recession due to coronavirus?

I was pretty young in 2008 and was a child in 2000, so this will be my first recession. I am wondering what strategies one can use to maintain employability during lean times, especially factoring in ...
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