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If a former employer did not pursue a creative idea, am I free to pursue it? [closed]

Background: I used to work as design director for an experiential company and, while employed there, I pitched an idea for a new experience that would fit really well within their brand. They thought ...
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General strategies for entrepreneurs with many projects

I was wondering if there is a recognized situation in the field of entrepreneurship where instead of a person having one specific idea they are banking on, an entrepreneur is a generally creative ...
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What happens if a startup idea fails? How do the bank recover money? [closed]

Suppose I take a loan with the intention of using it to develop certain products. It so happens that I have used up all the money on R&D to conclude that the product is not good or feasible. As a ...
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Is it normal/ethical to grant my partner a stake in the company to be formed just for contributing at first (without any success back then)?

One year ago I started a social media page with a partner with the goal of turning it into a business. Initially we divided work between us almost equally (posting the pictures, etc. however it was ...
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How to deal with new client for a IT project?

I am software engineer in India with 10+ years experience. I never deal any client directly. I quit my job and now trying for a startup, for this I made a small IT tech team. I approach many peoples ...
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Resources and advice for starting a new company [closed]

I am a senior undergraduate, a former intern of a web application startup and now working as a freelancer. After an internship of a few months, I have gained some experience about how things work at a ...
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As a co-owner of a small business, how do I assure a hiring manager that I will actually be available?

I'm the technical co-founder of a small software business (two people). We built some very niche enterprise SaaS software and have a few big clients who pay us every year. The software is now so ...
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How to find major customers of particular worldwide public company (Introductions)? [closed]

I was trying to get in touch with best possible corporate law firms - the local ones in the same country as where target public company is. The goal was to ask a law firm to introduce me and our own ...
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Should I let my PMP certification expire? I want to prioritize entrepreneurship [closed]

My PMP certification is due to expire within the next three months. I'm currently trying to prioritize a side business that will take considerable time and effort to build up. If I go through a ...
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How to put training I've been doing during the COVID 19 outbreak on my resume?

A few weeks into COVID-19 stumbled upon an entrepreneurial classes. In doing so I've learned how to do websites, web hosting, and internet marketing. Mind you this is only "training." The ...
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How to approach previous manager with an entrepreneurial idea?

I am into software development and was recently laid off from a North American Fortune 500 company (like a million others due to COVID-19). The project was twice unsuccessfully attempted in the past ...
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I work on a side-project with a friend and we spend uneven working hours. How to make sure we both get fair pay?

Long story short, my friend and I have started a side-project and we have different responsibilities in this project. I am the developer, doing technical stuff. My friend is a sales person and ...
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Can Solutions and Product Features be merged in a Pitch Presentation?

I have a single start-up app with multiple broadly-related features that solve unrelated problems with unrelated solutions Keeping in mind the audience attention, should I present the typical topics ...
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What would be a fair split of ownership for a new service I and another company created [closed]

I am currently working at an online marketing company as a software developer. A few months ago I started my own software company (sole proprietorship, eenmanszaak in Dutch). I am still studying and ...
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What would it take for an unemployed person to create their own business? [closed]

I am in my final semester in college taking a class about finding work. As I have learned more about the world of work, I have wanted less to do with it. From what I've been taught, work is always a ...
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Should I omit "Co-founder" from my LinkedIn and resume?

I left my software engineering job ~1 year ago to build a SaaS company with 2 other co-founders. We built a professional product, had customers, and earned some decent press/marketing, but I've ...
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Approached for Interview | Currently employed & Have a Personal Enterprise [closed]

Recently, I have been approached by a company to interview for a position very similar to what I am currently doing (albeit wider in scope). This is for a much smaller company (approx 35 total ...
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Starting A Company - While Currently Employed

I'm not sure if this is the right place for this type of question - however, I couldn't find a more better one. If there is please point me in that direction. Now, that said - I have recently ...
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How to retract an idea already pitched to an employer? [closed]

I suggested an idea* to my boss. He didn't show much much interest to build it**, so I did it on my own. Now it is on the verge of getting funded with venture capital. My boss is now interested in ...
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Should I notify candidate about the fragile state of my company?

I'm running a small IT startup (private firm), funded from my own pocket. We are working on a development project, which is not yet generating income. So far I've hired 3 employees with a 1-year ...
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Deferring a return to the software industry to take my project commercial [closed]

Good day, all! At the dawn of this new year I left seminary studies to return to the world of software, where I had previously worked for over 8 years. But rather than returning directly and ...
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New entrepreneur wondering how to introduce my multi-industry business [closed]

After I graduated college I started a company developing SaaS (software). One year later and I have expanded my company to not only generate income from the SaaS licensing but also from developing ...
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How do I help build my business without alienating my parents who own it? [closed]

My family has a small factory, with 14 employees. My parents always say they want to grow the business and generate more jobs for the community, make the economy grow. But I realized that they were ...
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Startups: How honest should I be about parallel projects I am working on?

As I would like get self employed I am working on several different business ideas in parallel together with different groups and individual people. Please note that on each individual project is ...
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I have a great idea for a complex software product - how to turn it into a business needing money and manpower? [closed]

I've been working for 9 years after my graduation as a software engineer in a big german company. Hence, I've always been a simple employee and never dealt with entrepreneurship/Start-ups. Now ...
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Planning on building a startup and then retiring from it without alienating my co-founders [closed]

I am a professional software developer with substantial experience in my industry. A year ago I was approached by an acquaintance who runs a small local brokerage with another partner. I started a ...
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How to tell future company about my existing company (that I own)

I will be starting a new job in a couple of months. I currently own a company and have a few clients that I'm doing business with to pay the bills until I start my new full time job in July. I started ...
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