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How might I avoid significantly overestimating the time required to deliver a potential client's software project?

Spoke with a potential client about delivering a computer vision app. I estimated this would take one month, erring on the side of a conservative estimate to account for any complexities that might ...
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What are common practices for syncing Engineering with Design?

At my last job, I led a team that was building an iOS app from scratch. We (the engineers) worked closely with a Design team. The two teams struggled to sync their work. Design would produce UI mocks ...
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9 answers

When subordinate gives the stakeholders a lower time estimation

The other day, the development team and I had a meeting with some stakeholders. The stakeholders asked for a new feature with the follow-up questions of "How long will it take to do it?" As ...
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How to deal with a Team lead who expects me to deliver ad-hoc tasks and asks me to deliver it by EOD? [closed]

I have recently joined a new company, where my lead expects me to finish a task in a few hours, As I am new to this project, I am taking some time to figure out everything out. There are no ...
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How should I respond to a request where unreasonable tasks are to be done exactly by the time duration despite being new to project and having issues?

I have started a role where the team lead asked me the estimations, and I told him 2-3hrs as the team lead expects me to finish it faster as I am experienced. But I am bogged down by many issues such ...
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How can I better estimate the real scale of a project?

How can I better estimate the real scale of a project? Are there techniques to help reduce the error of estimating the hours required to do a project? ... some manner of formula with numerous terms ...
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3 answers

How to properly give estimates on highly variable tasks?

I am an embedded developer, often tasked with bringing up prototype hardware. This tasks are highly variable in the tame it takes, mostly due to reasons outside of my control and this is not known ...
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Does estimating the work in story points leads to more accurate estimations than estimating the work in hours? [closed]

In all of the workplaces that I've been to so far, there is a strong conviction that estimating the work in the story points leads to the more accurate estimations than using old-school work-hours. ...
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