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Questions tagged [ethics]

Ethics are the 'unspoken rules' of society. They are what govern how people behave when not bound by law. Questions with this tag should deal with how to handle situations where it is unclear how acceptable a given course of action might be within society (either the society of the workplace, or the world at large).

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9 votes
4 answers

Turning down project at work due to personal ethics

I work at one of the many aerospace companies that do work in the commercial, government research, and defense sector. I've been with the company for a little over a year and in that time I've been ...
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How can I start my network with the companies I work for?

TLDR: Fair worker needs to change his current working relationship, he would like to become a freelancer and use his current working relationship with his boss and his client to build his network. How ...
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5 answers

Part of an HR plot without knowing it: are these HR machinations normal?

This question derives from the outcome of my other one and what happened next. For all the details, please read the linked question. After M joined back the company, they organized a party with myself,...
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19 answers

Hiring "diverse" candidates has turned into declining qualified applicants. Is it wrong to object to these policies?

I work at one of the largest organizational consulting firms in the US as a recruiter. Starting last year and more recently, I've seen a push in hiring managers wanting to hire what they call "...
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11 answers

Is it unethical to receive help during a remote interview task?

A company's interview process consists of sending the interviewee a task that they have to complete in a couple of days/weeks and send it back to them for evaluation. I have received such a task. I ...
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Was it ethically sound to state the way a coworker referred to someone as going against company values? [closed]

Background There is a coworker at work who is an amazing coworker in terms of the job. He aids as many people he can in any way he can in addition to being a quick problem solver. When asked to ...
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3 answers

Is this considered me going behind my manager's back?

Before him going out on vacation, I negotiated with my manager on the specs of my new laptop (as well as the budget) and we settled on a model and specs. Today, out of curiosity, I asked our head ...
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22 votes
11 answers

Frameworks to advance diversity, equity and inclusion

I am a manager at a mid-size software company where I am responsible for several engineering teams (30 ppl approx). I'd like to attract and retain more diverse talent but don't know how to advance ...
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9 answers

Boss's practices are unethical, also he's stopped paying me and constantly threatens bankruptcy [closed]

I'm currently working for an extremely small company (literally my boss, his wife and myself as the sole employee), and have been working for about 4 months on a contract basis. My job scope has to do ...
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8 answers

Is Fantasy Imagery NSFW?

I'm a software developer, with over 10 years of experience in data munching. During those strange times of isolation at home, I found unable to work as I usually do at my regular workplace. This ...
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9 votes
3 answers

Concerned I'm being made accessory to fraud and unsure what to do about it [closed]

I work as the accountant for a small company in the UK. Classically the company wasn't doing well and they hired a new manager to try and turn things around. The company owners/directors all live ...
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2 votes
2 answers

how long should I wait to leave a company in good for after getting a bonus

The question sums it up. I’m torn, about leaving my company and I don’t know how to approach it. currently I’m working as an electrician I just sat for my license, and passed. I got a small raise and ...
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11 votes
4 answers

I think I observed racial harassment/threats. What do I do?

I'm very often one of the last people to leave the office in the evening. As I was leaving on Friday, I noticed that a sticky note had been attached to a co-worker's cubicle next to their name card ...
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2 votes
5 answers

Ethics of freelance work when expenses are already covered

I currently work a 9-5, salaried office job. I also, on evenings and weekends, do freelance work in another field unrelated to my primary job, which is dominated primarily by freelance practitioners ...
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2 answers

Is it ethical to be sleep deprived while working as a software developer (in a non-safety-critical environment)? [closed]

Hypothetically: assume that someone is working as a software developer (on projects outside fields like medicine where software correctness is very important). Is it ethical to be sleep deprived when ...
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4 answers

What happens when company accuses you of fraud? [closed]

One of my friends friend(let's call him Harry) who I know is accused of fraud from a company he worked some time ago. What happens next, will he be able to continue work at some other company? Of-...
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5 votes
5 answers

Decision about a potential candidate for the team who I knew had misbehaved once

My team is trying to hire a new member and has been interviewing some potential candidates. I came across the list of people interviewing and found out that a guy I knew is on that list. I knew him ...
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8 votes
5 answers

Is it unethical to work two jobs concurrently?

I’m currently working a 1-year contract for Company A that’s set to expire at the end of July. Since all the projects I was working on have been put on hold due to the COVID-19 pandemic (and my ...
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Suggestions on information confidentiality

I have recently joined a new job. My new boss along with my old boss planned to file a bid for a project with an industry partner. That is a collaboration between my old boss and new boss was about to ...
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2 answers

I'm not clear on my role in a new team and now I feel like I'm slacking off

I am a software engineer with around 5 years' development experience currently working remotely and my manager has assigned me some work that involves working with a client based outside my country. ...
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71 votes
7 answers

Company HR asking questions on my hiring process, should I worry?

I was hired by my current employer about 4 years ago. At that time, the company was very compartmentalized: every division had its own HR, its own administration, its own management, its own ...
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2 answers

Employer wanting to show employee pay on a board for everyone to see

Is it legal and/or ethical to show employee pay information on a screen for everyone to see? The scenario: Company wants to increase productivity in an hourly warehouse environment Wants to move to ...
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101 votes
12 answers

Company is playing psychological mind games with interviewees. Is this ethical? Should I report this to someone?

I'm a junior tech consultant at a tech consulting firm. I just recently joined the interviewing group and I learned that they analyze everything about candidates and plenty of interactions are a ...
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7 answers

Company is taking money out of our paycheck to buy the CEO's book

My corporation just sent out an email that they will be deducting pay from everyone's paycheck for each of us to purchase a copy of our CEO's book, since his sales have been down lately. It's only $11,...
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0 votes
3 answers

Giving names of past colleagues to current employer looking for new hires

My current employer at company A is looking for experienced people in their field. They asked me if I knew anyone who could be a good fit that I could refer them. A few years before working at company ...
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2 answers

Company was offering paid internships, but is now in a hiring freeze; do I suggest candidates consider unpaid?

My company was offering two paid internships (hourly rate, no benefits) to students in Masters programs. We found an excellent candidate early on, who I will call C1. When their interview process was ...
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Alien Wanting Wanting Me To Create a USA Upwork Account for Him to Use

Someone found me because he noticed that while working on the freelancing site, US workers get top dollar. Therefore, he wants someone in the USA to create an account for him, and work under that ...
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5 votes
3 answers

Does it matter who is marked as an author on a work product?

For a new software project, I'll be reusing more than 90% of a colleague's work as the base. But since it needs to be created as a new project, I'll be listed as the author of the product despite most ...
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Employer's client is offering to hire me after I gave resignation notice to my employer

TLDR: Is it a good idea to accept job offer from an employer's client, after I resigned to join another company. I work at an IT consultancy as a project manager. I am leading a large IT project for ...
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3 answers

Manager blocking employee to rise and succeed

My boyfriend is working in a big tech company in the US. Once he joined and showed some good success and very fast contributions, his manager got a bit scared and started to contain him and making him ...
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41 votes
4 answers

Should I ask my manager to hide/not-announce my promotion?

I work in a medium-sized (i.e. several thousands of employees) tech firm. I've been competing alongside several other talented engineers for a massive promotion to the senior-most engineering position ...
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4 answers

Was it a selfish and immoral decision?

Today, I quit my current grpahic design job because I was getting a better offer. My current boss also agreed to pay higher, but I chose growth over salary. But I made a mistake, I broke a promise. ...
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13 answers

My manager has decided to continue work on a project cancelled by the CEO

My team's project was cancelled directly by the CEO, but my manager has decided that we should keep working on it. In the headcount request spreadsheet for the next quarters, my manager is inflating ...
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10 votes
2 answers

How do I approach my employer about being force to work as a warehouse grunt while I was hired as a mechanical designer?

I work as a mechanical designer but am asked to move warehouse goods averaging 20kgs per box. The mechanical work I do is drafting designs for HVAC and plumbing layouts for residential/commercial/...
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5 answers

Is being anti social a serious hinderance in my career? How to cope with it?

OK So I am looking for a job right now, was out of the country for some time and now back in trying to settle. I am a software engineer with 10+ years of experience, I am having a bit of hard time ...
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3 answers

Apply direct or use recruiter

I have a situation where I was cold-emailed by a recruiter after updating a resume for another job. The recruiter pointed me to a job that after some research is posted on LinkedIn by a person that ...
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5 answers

How far can co-workers be reasonably expected to carry people with mental problems? [closed]

A colleague of mine was recently hospitalized due to attempts of self harm. His marriage is collapsing, he has inlaw issues, etc. I am not going into details, but all his problems outside work have ...
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Ex Manager shares Homophobic posts [closed]

It's quite a lot that I wonder if I should do something or just be quiet. So, one of me ex colleague from a previous job, that I have on facebook, shares all the time homophobic posts (honestly he ...
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4 answers

How do I deal with a co-worker that keeps making the same jokes, and same remarks?

Basically, I work in a small company that usually will have 4-5 fulltime workers at a time in the office. There are separate rooms in the office, and I share a room with a co-worker who I will call '...
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2 answers

Promoting training pay commission draws for new employees that are not intended to be paid?

I have a friend and they got a job a few weeks ago. The job is 100% commission, but there is a $15 per hour training pay for 6 weeks in the form of a draw against future commissions. Two weeks in, ...
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Is it right to criticise other colleagues directly to the manager?

I am coming out of a contract with a company that lasted one year and half. In the end I didn't get a new contract, because as a junior I was heavily criticised by a more senior colleague. When I ...
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2 answers

How to respond to recruiters that have failed to keep their appointments?

Based in UK for info. Over the last couple of months I've been contacted by recruiters on LinkedIn about job opportunities. One specific recruiter read my profile and outlined his job specification ...
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15 answers

Am I being ethical or annoying in refusing to 1:1 copy another company's UI for our own?

My boss has asked me to implement the UI for a financial calculator from another company's website, specifically one financial conversion tool (as we have a competing product). The other company is a ...
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2 answers

How can my friend balance not losing her job with reporting safety problems with the aircraft with which she works?

What would you do if a friend confided in you that her pleas to have cracks on an airplane fixed are consistently ignored? Is that a business decision you leave up to more experienced management, or ...
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Flying out to an interview but not attending

Recently a company contacted me for recruiting purposes. However, I have previously worked at this company and been fired under very questionable circumstances, and yet they are trying to recruit me ...
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2 answers

Looking for new job while hiring - same recruiter

I am currently the hiring manager for a new position, and a recruiter has provided a number of great resumes. I expect to hire one of the applicants by the end of the week. I've been impressed by ...
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Super PMO taking credit for the System Design that I worked on from scratch for weeks [duplicate]

I work in a software outsourcing company. Recently, my manager pulled me out of my project to work on a system design document for a new application from scratch. The client is from a very well-known ...
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How to shut off an elder co-worker?

I work at a market research organisation mixed with many workers with various professions. I have a teammate who is older than me and has worked for 7 years more than me. Although, she has the same ...
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Should I ask my Boss to add my Previous casual leaves?

The place where I work, my manager enters manually the casual/sick leaves. He approves it by email sometimes verbal, but we cannot enter it into the time tracking system as he has only access to it. ...
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2 answers

Is it appropriate for me to ask for a salary review although they did that last year?

I'm new in the tech world (2 years of experience). In earlier jobs, there was no possibility of a salary review but in my current company, it is possible to receive a raise. I don't know if it's too ...
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