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What variations are allowed to a "European cv" template (if I want it to be still legitimately called a "European CV")? [closed]

In order to apply for a certain position, I need to submit a "European CV". (this) Assuming that I keep the "style" (font, formatting, etc.), what variations am I allowed to do (if I want it to be ...
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(Skills) How important is what I said I know? [closed]

I'm currently making a CV, using the Europass format. There are two fields where I have absolutely no idea what do make out of them: Communication Skills Organizational Skills The first one seems ...
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Should I use Europass format or create custom resume template when applying for internships?

I'm a European CS student, looking to apply to a few companies for a summer internship. I am building my resume, but I'm wondering whether I should go with the standard Europass format, or a custom ...
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What are good entries for technical and social skills in europass for typical developer?

I'm filling the Europass CV format. It's my first contact with such type of CV format, and I'm a bit confused. My job experience is pure development (server and WWW, mostly Java+SQL). I've had ...
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How will you make a webdeveloper resume in 2012? [closed]

It's been a while since the last time I updated my resume. Now it's time to give it a refresh, but even if I have a strong experience and I worked recently on many big projects my resume "feels" ...
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