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Announced a company event: now people are starting to slack off, What should I do?

I have a very, very small company. About 90% of the product is ready to go. The launch of the product is slated to go up next month on the company's anniversary that is also my birthday. Now everyone ...
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Becoming more social in life and at workplace [closed]

I work in a large office with many coworkers. I am not a very social person. But, would like to change this and build better relationships in life (not limited to workplace). Is there anyone here who ...
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Telling a coworker they aren't invited into my house

Long story short, my former manager, but current coworker's, poor treatment resulted in me developing a case of PTSD. I was diagnosed about two months ago. However, we don't have an HR team so there ...
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Is it unwise to tell job interviewer that I won't be attending the company's regular social events?

I am currently looking for a job as a working student and I got a few invitations for interviews already. Now I am thinking about stuff that would be important for me to feel comfortable at work as I ...
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How do I tell our HR that I don't want to "perform" in our Christmas party?

I recently joined this company and they have this tradition wherein newcomers must "perform" in the Year-end/Christmas party. It's going to be a short performance in the stage, most likely in-between ...
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Responding to social invitations with autism

So I have been told that there will be a Christmas Party happening at my work. I have autism I really do not like this sort of thing. This is my first ever job and I am really enjoying it. I have ...
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Christmas party at employers' home

We are a family company (3 owners, 5 employees outside the family), and we are soon having our yearly Christmas office party. Usually we rent a place with a sauna for this event, but this year the 2 ...
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Should I give bad feeback about HR to the own HR?

Background I work in a tech company that used to be a startup a handful of years ago and thus lives in between the typical corporate live and the startup craziness. The culture is what you'd expect ...
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Is it ok for a company to organize a team building event on a weekend?

A company wants to organize a team building event for a team (optional to attend, but an organizer is verbally pressuring). They proposed several dates but all of them are on a weekend. I'm just ...
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Lying in Wellness program

Our company has a wellness contest to promote healthy lifestyle and well being. The contest is focused around how much physical activity you perform. (For example, 1 mile run = 10 points). The top ...
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Ethics of using email of high profile contacts wrongly displayed at group email

Summary: Got access to email of people I would like to contact by an accident of the sender, is it ethical to contact them? A few years ago I attended an important event. The invitation was sent by ...
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Leaving company during company event

I'm interviewing with a few companies right now. (I'm a junior software developer at a tech startup.) If things work out well, I'll have one or two offers within the next 2 weeks. (I wasn't actively ...
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Share calendar details request from manager's manager

My manager's manager just sent all his teams an email to ask us to open our Outlook calendars to him. Our Outlook calendar should only contain events relevant to our job, no personal life. Opening a ...
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How should I tell my manager I'm not paying for an optional after work event I'm not going to?

My manager planned a night at the ball park work event. She asked us all to reserve a ticket by putting $10 down a couple weeks ago. It was made clear to me that this reservation was not requiring me ...
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Should I join an office cleaning event for free?

A few days ago, all my co-workers on our floor and I received an invitation for a full-scale office cleaning event that will happen on Friday afternoon. The event includes cleaning up desks and ...
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Party game to help learn coworkers' names and positions [closed]

I had suggested we host an ice cream social at my work, so I have been tasked with handling all the details. We have a lot of new faces, so management wants me to incorporate a short game/party ...
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Newcomers' Presentation

My company has decided to organize a staff meeting event next week to break the ice between employees and I'm glad that they did. There are six newcomers joined the team within four months including ...
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How can I plan a Christmas party when there seems to be no suitable date?

So I've been asked to plan a Christmas party for my department (roughly 40 people). I have three requirements: The party has to be before December 25th. The main boss has to be available on the ...
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Events (or alternatives) for Remote Workforce

As a manager of a firm with a traditional office, you can hold events from time to time in which you get the team together for something non-work related to help build a sense of comradery, ...
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work provided on site lunch event [closed]

The company that I work for provides a monthly lunch on work premises. It is not mandatory but most attend. Should hourly employees be paid for this or required to clock out and not be paid?
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What is the best way to politely decline invitations to go for drinks with work colleagues? [duplicate]

I work for a small company (6 full time employees, including owner/ director, 1 part time employee), and have been there for almost a year. Occasionally, one of my colleagues will organise an evening ...
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Where can I meet recruiters (new to the field)? [closed]

Just started my first recruiting job and want to know what types of events can I go to to meet other recruiters? Also wondering what types of events recruiters go to to find candidates (obviously ...
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Would it be unprofessional not to eat during a team lunch?

My manager organized a team lunch for next week. The restaurant we will be going to is one where the only options are meat and fish. For medical reasons, I can't eat those things. In the past I was ...
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First Job: How to handle employer insinuating I could be fired for not attending unpaid event?

I'm currently working my first part time job that is paid by the hour where I teach young children. I really love being able to interact with the students and seeing them grow as I teach them. Lately, ...
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How can I increase attendance for company activities?

I have to organize an activity to encourage our team members to engage more in company activities. This is quite challenging for me because there are roughly 100 people with a wide age gap (20 - 50 ...
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How to assure chief guest would attend event? [closed]

I'am part of organising committee in my office, my duties include arranging chief guest for the event. Also i have contacted well known personality to attend event. He has assured to be the chief ...
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How to politely decline to participate in activities with my coworkers that I deem to be too expensive?

It may happen that my coworkers do some activities (not related to our job) in the evening and I am occasionally invited. Or it may happen that for instance for some particular event (birthdays and ...
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Unknowingly dated relative of office coworker [closed]

This is a bit embarrassing for me to explain, but I accidentally ended up dating my coworkers daughter. This is our second date and everything was going well. There was some errands she needed to take ...
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Invited to the Christmas Party of an ex-employer, how to show my best side?

Some years ago I was employed by a contractor company around 1.5 years long for a project. It was ended because the customer had financial problems, and he had to build down the project I was working ...
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Is it a mandatory to attend company's events after office hour? [duplicate]

As in title, is it a mandatory for every employees to attend company's events after office hour? It's not an employee gathering event, but more on company's.
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Dealing with expensive office traditions

In the company I work at (more than 200 employees), it's customary to buy cakes for everyone when it is your birthday. This is all but an explicitly stated requirement -- it's taken very seriously. ...
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how can I cancel my Involvement in a company football competition in order to go to a industry talk/event [closed]

Tomorrow there is a company football team going to partake in the first part of an industry football competition. I only started this job recently so I put my name forward to be on the team just for ...
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Encouraging enthusiasm/participation

I have the task of recommending upcoming events and CPD activities that my colleagues might like to attend. This is done at the weekly staff meetings in my office. I try to include a variety of ...
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Too many Charitable causes in the workplace

I am very happy in my current job however I have one annoyance: Every week there seems to be at least 2 or 3 different charity causes that we are asked to give to. This usually comes in the form of a ...
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Tips on getting people not to talk about work during work lunches or gatherings

It is interesting to find that many social events that are organized by managers or teams for the purpose of getting employees to socialize outside of work hours (e.g. lunchtime or after work events) ...
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How to remove potential corporate spies from a list of "VIP customers" attending a company event? [closed]

I am in a mass consumer business so anyone could be a consumer, however we sometimes invite random winners from a draw to VIP events near/at the company premise. I noticed that one of the "winners" ...
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Improving professional network (Events)

I got invited to a Lunch and Seminar event from a Internationally well-known IT company. I checked the schedule of the event and saw a time for "Lunch and Networking". I think this will be the one ...
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How to request colleagues not to celebrate your birthday

Many organizations and teams try to organize something for a person's birthday as a sign of showing care and interest in their employees. If there is a particular reason that a person doesn't want ...
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