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Departing colleague attacked me in farewell email, what can I do?

We have just been through a round of redundancies at the company I work for. One colleague, who I had argued with frequently, took what I believe to be voluntary redundancy. I have been told by a ...
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Is it acceptable to ask an estranged former colleague to 'siezen' even if you previously 'duzen-ed'? [closed]

Note: My native language is English which lacks a T-V distinction Generally, when two adult German speakers meet in the workspace, they start by 'siezen-ing' (speaking German with the use of the ...
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How to keep in touch with former colleagues

After more than ten years I started a new job last summer, so it´s been near on half a year in my new job. I absolutely love my new job and like my new colleagues. I liked my former colleagues, too. ...
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How to keep a good relationship with ex-colleagues who will have to finish work on many on-going projects?

I started a job 7 months ago and got involved on about 15 different project teams. 10 are unfinished, ongoing projects. Additionally, due in part to my prior experience, the company had a very good ...
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Fraudulent activity by the Accountant at a previous employer, who was involved in redundancies [closed]

Some years ago, I began work for a small company, where the accountant played quite an active role in management. She would visit once a month for a few days, to 'do the books', during which time the ...
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Formulating an answer to contact from job applicant I have managed previously

I am a team lead at a large company, and our division is responsible for most steps of the hiring process - candidates are not prefiltered by HR. We recently published a job advertisement that lists ...
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After leaving position, how to respond to previous colleagues and clients reaching out for answers to questions regarding previous responsibilities?

I recently left a support contracting position after several years of working very closely on site with my government clients and other support contractors for a new position with a new company in a ...
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Is it OK to reconnect with an ex colleague who left on bad terms? [closed]

A previous colleague of mine whom I was friends with left the company in bad terms with our boss. He is now working at one of our competitors. He recently asked to meet up with me for a catch up. ...
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Agreement with person now fired, can I still call on it?

For the past two years I have been allowed to bring my dog to work for 2 weeks a year. This agreement was made with my manager and the HR manager. Unfortunately, one has switched jobs and the other ...
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Interviewing your ex-mentor/colleague who has a bad attitude

I recently joined a multinational company which is setting up a branch in my country in Asia. So I am one of the pioneer batch of people. We are going to expand and hire people. I am helping my boss ...
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Am I responsible if a low-skilled friend joins my company and fails to do his job? [closed]

I worked in a company some years ago where I met with this person, who became one of my friends also outside the workplace. When I left that company we kept in contact with each other of what we are ...
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How to word an old boss was unfair? [duplicate]

In my application they ask to explain why I left my previous job. I left because the setting wasn't for me in the sense that there were younger associates, which lead to a lot of gossip and my old ...
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How to handle recruitment email that could place colleagues in a bad light

I thought I would canvas opinion about an email I received today that I feel puts me in an awkward position. Basically a recruiter contacted me via linked in with the following message: Hi, I'm ...
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Asked to interview a candidate who happened to be ex-colleague from a previous company

Should I disclose the association and excuse myself from participation? I feel that my input may not be as objective as it should be as it may be affected by my possibly inaccurate impression of the ...
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