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Can companies that hired for remote positions decide to go back to office? [closed]

With the pandemic, I've seen tons of vacancies from many Fortune 500 companies where the vacancy specifically says that the position will be permanently 100% remote (i.e.. they never have to go to the ...
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How can I ask for a temporary exemption to new policy?

As an independent consultant I communicate with my client through their project manager who is a full-time employee. There have been new policy that was put in place by their finance department, the ...
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Working more than 40 hours a week 7 days a week

I just recently signed a "NEW" remote worker form. It stated my work hours were 8-5 Monday through Friday. I am considered an Exempt employee. If I am consistently working 7 days a week ...
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Learned Professional Exemption as an Hourly Employee

I'm working as a contract engineer for a staffing company, and I'm contracted full-time to an engineering consultancy. I'm listed as an exempt employee on my offer letter, but I don't know if I ...
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Reasons for exempt software engineer to be assigned a 35-hour work week?

I received my first paycheck from my current employer and it stays that I only worked 70 hours in a 2 week period and when I asked HR they stated that I am a 35 hour a week exempt employee: Certain ...
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Is it reasonable to ask for a day off if I have to work an extra day on the weekend?

I have several projects coming up that require working either Saturday or Sunday. My normal schedule is first shift Monday through Friday, but due to restrictions from a client, they need work done on ...
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How can I become a contractor for a company I already work for full-time?

I am kind of an odd position where I am looking for supplemental income, it isn't that I am not being paid enough, but rather I am trying to better prepare for the future, and prepare for a debt free ...
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Exempt 'Computer Professional' in criteria in California?

While looking into tax exemption requirements, I came across an article that seems to indicate software developers required to work over 40 hours/week either need to be paid overtime as an hourly ...
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Ineligible for paid holiday [duplicate]

I'am a salaried exempt employee and I gave my 2 weeks notice with a November 24th as a last day. Some plans came up so I requested the 24th off work. My HR manager sent me an email stating that I may ...
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What should a newly "exempt" employee expect? [closed]

What should someone expect when being an exempt employee for the first time in the US? At first it sounded great (better pay, flexibility), but after doing a bit of research it sounds like exempt ...
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Are bonuses included in the salary base requirement for FLSA overtime exemption rules?

The Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) specifies (among other things) a minimum salary requirement for an employee to qualify as exempt from their overtime regulations. Can bonuses be included in that ...
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Are revenue or profit sharing considered nondiscretionary bonuses when determining the salary base in the FLSA "Final Rule" overtime exemption rules?

With the new overtime salary requirements coming into effect, I'm trying to figure out the salary requirements as described in this fact sheet. My question is can we include either revenue sharing, ...
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Can my employer reclassify me as non-exempt to avoid the new minimum salary requirement? [closed]

If you are currently an exempt employee according to the classification of exempt, is a company allowed to make you non-exempt to keep from paying you the minimum salary requirement to remain exempt?
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