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Questions tagged [exit-interview]

Questions relating to the final meeting between employer and employee during the termination of an employees contract

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156 votes
9 answers

How much should I say in an exit interview?

I am the only expert in a certain area in my current company. I have tried bringing up suggestions to improve my working conditions, but because company and my boss don't understand exactly what I'm ...
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How much should I reveal about a new job after resigning from my current job

I recently got a new job at a firm that is paying me only slightly higher, but the work is going to be much better. As such, I have resigned from my current job and the exit process has started. I am ...
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12 answers

How do exit interviews benefit the company?

I read everywhere "Don't be honest about your real leaving reasons, the company won't change or they'll just blame you anyway!". But if it is that way, why do companies even have exit interviews? Why ...
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How to provide feedback about an unprofessional manager during the exit interview? [duplicate]

Two of my colleagues working within another department are leaving the company and they will have an exit interview. They have informally shared with me and other colleagues that one of the reasons ...
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How can I politely turn down the exit interview?

I already know that there is no benefit in being honest or in giving good suggestions to improve things at the company as no change will be applied from the exit interview suggestions. I also do not ...
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16 votes
6 answers

How do I say nothing in an exit interview?

I already know not to say anything of substance in an exit interview. My question is - how do I do that effectively? My impression is that most exit interviews are conducted by HR staff that don't ...
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4 answers

Should a departing employee offer (unsolicited) feedback to the company?

I am a software engineer for a Scandinavian company. I recently accepted a new position at a different company and will leave my current job in the next month. I have great respect for the senior ...
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2 answers

Was suddenly terminated. Gave strange reason for issues I was never aware of and disagree with interpretation

I recently was terminated from a job. I had been there for about 4 months. The main manager gave multiple reasons why it happened I was still in probation They did not have enough work for me There ...
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1 vote
4 answers

When makes sense to provide honest feedback in an exit interview? [closed]

The general consensus is that Exit Interviews are, at best, a waste of time for the employee leaving, and barely useful for the company (this has been extensively discussed here many times). However, ...
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How can I say this in a professional email?

What I'm trying to say is "On multiple occasions (name) has tried to 'set me up (meaning a romantic relationship) with both the customers and some of the ups drivers" I am currently typing ...
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