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Questions tagged [family-business]

For questions involving a business run entirely or mostly by members of a single family

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How to get commissions owed if contract was breached by owner [closed]

My firm was contracted to open a used car dealership. Took me 5 months to open the dealership due to previous owner being non-compliant within the City. Owner was impressed, as others had tried to ...
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Asking a BIG raise from employer whose company is in serious trouble

How can I ask my employer for a BIG raise considering the fact the company will run out of business if I left? I'm working remotely for this super small business firm (IT), but due to high turnover ...
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How to pay for business expenses without any business income (just starting out) [closed]

I recently opened an LLC and want to do business, but in order to get started I need to get some equipment first (i.e. camera) as well as pay for legal consulting, website setup & hosting, and ...
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Preventing theft by employees in our supermarket [closed]

My question is regarding a supermarket business which is run by my dad. Recently, I saw him upset and asked the reason, and he told me that there was big loss in the market inventory in just 5 month, ...
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What do I do if I realize I'm incapable of doing my job and will get yelled at by my family for quitting? [closed]

I'm a recent college grad who never had any job experience other than my job right out of college at a startup in data analysis. I don't know how to manage a database or operate one which is necessary ...
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small business - incompetent coworker

Please refer to my previous question to see where I am coming from, as I don't want to make this thread too long. prev post So, now that the senior employee left the job and we are still ...
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Can working family business come across as lack of competitiveness?

If an interviewer by any chance discovered my previous job was owned by my family, would this come across as a lack of competitiveness, as in having failed to find a job externally?
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Quitting Job at Company owned by Wife's Family

Years ago, my wife (girlfriend at the time) and I moved states. During this time, we needed jobs so one of her family members gave me a job as a Jr. Programmer at their company. During the years, ...
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How do I help build my business without alienating my parents who own it? [closed]

My family has a small factory, with 14 employees. My parents always say they want to grow the business and generate more jobs for the community, make the economy grow. But I realized that they were ...
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Brother-in-law earns same salary for a much simpler job in family business

I work for a small family business which consists of four employees. My father co-owns the business with another developer who is not related to us. I am a developer who reports to the co-owner. My ...
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