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Questions relating to the communication of views and opinions regarding work quality or performance, usually from a superior or colleague

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How can I ask my interviewers for feedback following an interview?

Recently, I had an interview with Amazon. At first, things went smoothly and well. After two interviews, they decided not to move forward with the process. I'm the type of person who wants to ...
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Should I go to an interview I don't intend to accept the job (if offered)?

In a conversation with a friend, he slipped that he intended to go to an interview for a senior position in software development. I was surprised, since I was under the impression he liked his current ...
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What are the possible downsides of answering an "anonymous" employee survey truthfully?

We recently got an invite to do a short (handful questions) anonymous survey on employee satisfaction. My first impulse would be to answer with my honest, negative impression of the employer: 'bad ...
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How should I offer corrections on English for coworkers who are not native speakers?

I'm a team lead at a startup. Part of my job is to do code reviews and ask other developers to correct their own work. In my spare time I mentor students learning the same type of work. A few of my ...
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Can HR/Boss Require Your Username and Password?

We recently received this email at our work from the HR Department. We work in the healthcare industry and our username and password is linked to everything that we do. We have to follow strict HIPAA ...
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Should I add a Glassdoor review for a company so small they will know it is me?

During my job search, I found Glassdoor to be a very useful tool for getting to know about the companies I was searching for. I'd like to give back to that and submit my own reviews to help others. ...
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How can I give feedback without hurting the other person?

I am asked to give feedback for a colleague for which unfortunately I have many negative aspects to point out. The issue is that I don't want to make them too personal. Example: I find him very, yes ...
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Should a departing employee offer (unsolicited) feedback to the company?

I am a software engineer for a Scandinavian company. I recently accepted a new position at a different company and will leave my current job in the next month. I have great respect for the senior ...
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How to handle undeservedly positive feedback

As a recent Computer Science graduate I've gotten a position as a Junior Dev. My team has 6 people, a BA, two Senior devs, a tester, and a team lead (Dev background), all of whom have 10+ years of ...
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How can I get feedback on why my resume is not getting me interviews?

I've been looking for job since July and I have got only one interview. I'm realistic, I'm a recent grad so I'm applying for intership/entry level positions, not mid/senior ones. I'm not even applying ...
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How do I know I'm not unknowingly messing up my software apprenticeship?

I'm currently in the second year of my apprenticeship as a software developer in Germany. My day-to-day work consists of getting tasks, doing them and then handing them off to the customer (other ...
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What does it mean when an interviewer is rude?

I've had a lot of interviews over the past 5 years and never had such an experience with an interviewer. I had an interview yesterday and we started by chatting casually about the work. He would ask ...
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How to deal with a nit-picky coworker

I'm a self-taught software developer here. I am wondering if anyone has advice about how to handle a coworker (with about 1 month of experience at my workplace compared to my 18 months) who takes ...
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How can I get a new developer to significantly improve their code?

I'm technical lead and we have a recent hire that's very inexperienced. He's also very opinionated and proud for a newbie and his code style diverges too much from the team. But he still produces low-...
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Is it ethical/professional to give feedback to a candidate during an interview?

I have done my fair share of interviewing candidates. Some of the candidates are interested to hear immediate feedback right after the interview. Most of the time, I am able to provide a summary on ...
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How can I best handle a star performer on a small team who feels no one else is good enough? [duplicate]

I have a small team and lately my star performer has been marching to a different tune. This person feels that no one else is good enough and doesn't seem to like it if others offer a differing design ...
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Asking for feedback early in experience

I've been recently hired to do web development, something that I always had interest in but did not have any experience outside of studying on my own time. I am very thankful for this position and I ...
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Professionalism: protecting code quality

TL;DR: Questions under the text I am a software developer at the R&D center. Due to my seniority, I am oftentimes asked to review time/scope critical changes to our code-base. Due to the hectic ...
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How to moderate my own attitude based on my manager's feedback

I work in cybersecurity at a financial services firm and am the technical lead / team lead of our team. This week I had a 1 to 1 with my manager and got both positive and what I feel is negative ...
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How to react to criticism referring to your personality?

I received the following feedback from my boss: when I smile I come across as arrogant I haven't managed to establish friendships with anybody from the office yet (I like some people, but no, I don't ...
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How to deal with a team member who tries emotional blackmail on us?

We have a team member who has to create some input for a project we are working on. This team member is terribly sensitive to even the slightest criticism. They started a discussion how they feel ...
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How do I give feedback to a manager that doesn't see the forest for the trees?

I recently completed a migration from one server to another of a service I manage that affects over 4,000 users, and it all went off without any interruption or degradation in functionality. The few ...
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2 answers

Great CEO with horrible management style

I'm a relatively inexperienced HR professional. I've been with my organization for 1 year and have a situation that I feel very positive about, but am unclear about my next steps. Here is a little ...
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How politely decline positive feedback?

I have always felt uncomfortable and awkward when even minor compliments/praise is given, whether at work or in my personal life. My manager always is making comments such as "Good work!" or "A ...
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Can I ask HR to put me on a PIP? [closed]

Two months ago, I joined to a new IT company with negative feedback from my previous manager, as a full-time tester. During these 2 months, I have been working part-time for 3 weeks (4h/day) in a ...
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How to get feedback on application rejections sent from a noreply mailbox

How can one get feedback/reason(s) for rejection from companies that use a no reply email id ? For example : This job post on IBMs website asks for these skills : Required Bachelor's Degree At ...
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How can I ask for candid feedback from my manager?

I joined my team a little less than a year ago. Overall, I think my manager is the best one I've had to date; my prior managers were extremely hands-off and feedback was pretty shallow. By ...
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Would it be wrong to personally try to contact my interviewer for feedback if the recruiter doesn't respond?

These are similar questions I have looked into but they didn't answer my question: Would it be inappropriate to go around a recruiter and directly contact an employer with questions before a face-to-...
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How do I get work done in an open office environment? [duplicate]

I work in an office with an open floor plan and I am distracted by noise around me. I am much less productive and less comfortable when people talk around me. I'll outline the problem and then what ...
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How do I give meaningful feedback at a seminar? [closed]

I've read a number of questions on the topic of giving or receiving feedback: How do I give feedback to a manager that doesn't see the forest for the trees? How can I give feedback without ...
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Should I leave honest feedback online for a toxic company I previously worked for? [duplicate]

About a year ago I started as a "front-end developer" at a local startup. Previously I had worked for my university and newspaper in various departments doing dev work, and had been doing freelance ...
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Feedback to company about a bad interview [duplicate]

Recently I was offered a job at a company but I declined it. One of the biggest reasons for this was an unpleasant interview by someone who would have been a senior coworker. I heard that this company ...
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