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How do I claim the money that I spent few years ago for the company now [closed]

Few years ago I had to make international travel and I've spent money which I have to claim after the travel is done. So I had initiated the Reimbursement claim. some claims were reimbursed while some ...
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How best can I ask our CEO if they'd be willing to share financials?

I work for a small startup, with the usual startup incentives. I only have a very vague idea of how the company is doing. I enjoy my job and I have no intention of leaving. But knowing the company's ...
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How to tell my boss i can't relocate anymore, after i accepted in the first place?

I was hired during Covid and the job requirement was to work onsite, but due to Covid everybody was working from Home, so after being hired I was working from Home as well. Now it's time to go back ...
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Our Boss has poor spending habits [closed]

I work for a small firm with under 15 employees. My current boss bought his partner out recently and now spends the company funds like it’s his personal bank account. I understand that he is entitled ...
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Are employees allowed to access the financial report/record of their company?

My friend is working in a publishing company that publishes scientific articles. It is an open-access company, meaning that the company's income comes from the authors instead of the reader of the ...
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