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Questions about the workplace that may specifically relate to cultures, customs, or laws in Florida, United States.

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If I submit notice before the work day begins, does that day count as Day 1?

My job is M-F, standard business hours. If I submit my two-week notice on Monday the 9th, then Tuesday the 10th is Day 1, and my last working day is Monday, the 23rd, correct? But what if I submit the ...
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Owner of company practicing unethical behavior

I am currently working for a small company in which the owner of the agency is practicing unethical behavior such as flirting with employees and has been rumored to have flirted with clients as well. ...
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Boss announces PTO to team [closed]

I took today off, and in response my boss emailed my team with a chart and table displaying everyone's PTO taken for this month and their remaining PTO balances with the obvious motivation being to ...
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My boss awarded me a raise, but I have not received it [closed]

I hit my one-year anniversary at my job in October. My boss recognized my hard work by awarding me a non-standard raise of 5%. However, since then five full pay periods have elapsed, and I have not ...
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How do I ask my boss for time off for mental health?

I was not granted vacation time this summer. My boss and my co-worker have both had two weeks off of work this summer. My boss made a random comment about taking time off because "some people" took a ...