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Questions tagged [food-industry]

Food industry includes diverse businesses that manufacture, process and supply food.

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8 answers

can a manager ask me to find someone to cover shifts AFTER I quit?

I put in my two weeks at my (food service) job because I'm going to be moving soon. I got an email back from my manager telling me I need to find people to cover my shift times for the week AFTER I ...
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4 answers

Can an employer require an employee to lose weight if the employees size alone, rather than any other issue becomes problematic?

I admit this not a practical situation I'm currently facing, nonetheless I've been wondering about this for quite a long time already. Salad Story is a food chain somewhat similar to Subway, except ...
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Is it normal that my employer asks me to share dirty footwear with random people? [closed]

I work in a factory where we must wear protective equipment. Everybody (except for agency workers) is provided with a personal pair of boots. But in certain areas you cannot enter with your boots and ...
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24 votes
7 answers

17 years old - made a mistake and got fired for stealing $50 at my first job - what other job options could I have?

I used to work at a fast food store and I made a really stupid mistake by stealing $50 and had to suffer the consequences of being fired. Now I'm worried if i can't or won't be able to get hired ...
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1 answer

Probation period extended [closed]

I started my job in April 8th 2018, so now it's been 3 months. My manager wants to extend this probation another 3 months, which I understand (but I don't agree) The thing is I haven't signed any ...
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Are new redundancies added to a currently ongoing collective redundancy consultation?

Acme Corp is currently going through a collective redundancy of more than 100 people from its research and development teams, who help design and make food produce. They are about 30 days into the 45-...
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