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Are financial penalties common in job offers?

I am in the EU and I recently got a job offer for a remote role from a games developing startup. The contract however is full of very high financial penalties(tens of thousands of euros) on several ...
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In an interview with a small video game company, should I comment about bugs I noticed in their game?

I have a short interview next week at a small videogame company for a programmer position. They are currently working on a new game, so I downloaded the demo and played through it. There are some bugs ...
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Which game company should I choose (UE4 vs Unity) [closed]

I am considering a programmer's job in two game companies. Company A does small to medium sized PC games in UE4, Company B - free to play mobile games in Unity. Considering I want to stay in game ...
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How to reach an IT job without experience and with mental limitations?

This is sort of cry for help, not the regular question: I've always wanted to become a game developer, have been coding for 7 years from now and modelling for 2 years, but for the whole period of 2 ...
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How to explain video game terms in a technical resume? [closed]

I'm a Software Engineer who has developed small video game projects in college and in my free time. I'm currently struggling with explaining video game concepts such as "health points", "level", and "...
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Cold shoulder after asking co-worker to stop being so negative in non-work context

Similar to this question, but I feel the context is different enough to warrant its own question. Here's the question first, with context to follow: What can I do now to bridge the professional gap ...
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