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Is an employee responsible for damage to their employer's laptop due to wear and tear? [closed]

The key cap of my employer's laptop popped off. If I report it to my employer, am I responsible for the cost of fixing the damage? I know that large companies have It departments for dealing with ...
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Recurrent problem with laptop hindering critical work but firm refuses to change it

I recently got a completely remote job and it's been 2 weeks. The laptop my firm has given me (which is necessary to do work) has a driver problem and I find myself having to go to the main office (2 ...
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How to note that I worked for company's supplier on resume?

The title pretty much says it all. I'm creating a resume to apply for a large company "A." My last job was at company "B," a small, but high-quality supplier of components for ...
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Selective hardware upgrade

Is it justified for a company to upgrade the hardware for some people and refuse for other? In my work, screen real estate is really important. I have been noticing some of my colleagues with these ...
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How to tell my boss that I need a trackpoint on my laptop

I am starting to work in a new company. I am getting hired as senior software engineer. They asked me, what hardware I 'request'. As always, I answered: Gimme something with a trackpoint and able to ...
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How to make sysadmin and developers work together?

I've worked in several jobs, and there is usually a time when the sysadmin(s) and the developers should have "the talk" about the IT infrastructure. From the sysadmins viewpoint, most of the ...
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How do you make work from a hardware portfolio accessible (similar to open source software)?

In software development, one common approach I've seen to creating a portfolio is having a website with your projects and then having a GitHub account (or equivalent) where the actual code can be ...
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Is destroying a company product in an office setting as a means to vent acceptable in a office event/party?

Context: I have been at a startup for a few years now. I worked on an internal product that filled a need for the company during our first couple of years but there were a number of reliability ...
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Can I land a job in both software and hardware? [closed]

I am studying computer engineering and I really like computer architecture and digital design, whereas at the same time I also enjoy algorithms and programming so much (I know software engineering is ...
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Who should pay for accidental damage to private work equipment?

Several years ago I purchased a mouse with my own money to use for work because I can't stand using a cheap mouse all day. Yesterday, a colleague accidentally spilled my own glass of water over the ...
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At what point can poor work equipment be considered unprofessional?

I am a junior Dev in germany who entered a new company about 6 months ago. The company seems nice overall, but I am getting more and more irritated by the standards of our work equipment. When I came ...
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Can I tell my boss to expect worse work based on his new rules?

My boss has just announced that we will be required to use only company-issued computers/software and peripherals (no more BYOD, personal mice, etc). I know that this change will make my work a lot ...
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Should I be expected to insure hardware belonging to my employer when going on a personal trip?

I work remotely. I'm soon off abroad for a few months and will continue to work remotely while I'm away, taking the company laptop and possibly other similar hardware with me to perform my duties. The ...
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Hired as a one-man development team and struggling [closed]

Question Is it unrealistic to expect a single computer engineer, however bright, to bear the full responsibility of designing and launching a hardware/software product? Background I studied ...
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Buy a mac / Get it bought for you / Learn Windows? [closed]

I am a developer at a small/medium size company that comes from a previous very big company. During the interview as far as I remember I mentioned I would work on Ubuntu or Mac, but I don't feel ...
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Am I responsible for replacing hardware in software development? [closed]

I am relatively new at a smaller software development company. I am working on a program that runs on a android bar-code scanner. The hardware is relatively expensive, around $800 for the device and $...
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New Job: Is it rude to insist on a particular device/setup?

I started my new job as a DevOps engineer last week. During the job interview I was told that I would be able to choose my own laptop/setup and they will take care of organizing it for me. Last ...
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When does my company need an internal IT person for hardware/software and network support? [closed]

I work for a Tech startup, 70 employees and rapidly growing. We recently moved from a co-working space to our own office. Most of us run off of brand new Macs that are leased and have Apple Care ...
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Justifying a Business Expense for Hardware Upgrade Software [closed]

I am aware of the questions regarding hardware upgrades. Especially the following ones: How do I request new equipment for the office? How can I convince my boss that we need better machines? Chair ...
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