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What are pros and cons of health sharing memberships when compared with the employer sponsored health plan?

This question is from the US. I am thinking of ditching the employer sponsored heath plan for the next year as my out of pocket premium is astronomical. What are pros and cons of health sharing ...
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Am I required to record doctor's appointments as absences?

I informed my boss that I have a doctor's appointment at 11 am and 5 pm on different days. He responded with the following message telling me to record my doctor's appointments as absences on my ...
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Management doesn't do anything about dead carcass above my office

So my office got filled with a smell reminiscent of a dead carcass. Probably a rat or a mouse or something that got stuck in the ceiling. That in itself is not the issue, this is an industrial area ...
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How much will it hurt my career progression to take ~1 month of medical leave 3 months into a new job? [closed]

I just accepted a job offer as a software engineer at a medium-size company which is known for being very selective with hiring (more difficult to get into than the average FAANG company) and having ...
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Assisting an employee to disconnect from work and prevent burnout

I am a manager (indirect to this person) in a small UK based company and work with a fantastic colleague/friend who is rapidly approaching complete burnout. The job is non-physical, involves data/...
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Benefits and risks of telling new employers I have a heart problem I am recovering from

What are the benefits and risks of telling new employers I have a heart problem I am recovering from? If it was you would you tell new employers? I work as a software engineer.
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Asking a potential employer for health accommodations

My current job lets me work 3 days a week and I've done so for 12 years. I started it to volunteer but now I have issues with fatigue so I've stayed specifically at this company because of that perk. ...
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Is it advised to tell my colleagues about my upcoming booster shot?

Soon, my COVID booster shot is due to be taken. Last time I got it, I experienced some reactions, so I worry this could happen again this time. Under that light, if I get a reaction or my arm is sore, ...
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Can a small employer ask me about medical conditions before hiring me?

I am applying to a small business (less than 10 employees) and the application has the following question: This position is physically demanding, involves working at heights and operating potentially ...
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Is it acceptable for my employer to tell me to keep my laptop on overnight, running automation tests?

So I'm a trainee Automation tester and I have been given a laptop and have been told I need to run test cases overnight using Selenium. This requires me to have my laptop on all night running our ...
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Manager wants me to attend a virtual medical appointment at work

I have a telehealth appointment coming up and asked to take the time off work needed to go home for the appointment and then return. This usually isn't an issue with my manager but for some reason he ...
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Work related health [closed]

I am extremely worried about my employment, I have worked for this company for 28+ years, 22 of these years has been as a Warehouse Manager. In November 2019 I approached my employer and explained ...
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extreme teeth and stomach pain with work in a few hours [closed]

I had an appointment for my braces today and I am now having extreme teeth pain (I have a new wire and chain bands, very painful). I took medicine and it has been a few hours since so they should have ...
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Fast-paced environments, corporate culture, well paced environments for software engineers? [closed]

The term "fast-paced" environment appears often in job descriptions for software engineers. From a software engineering perspective, among other things, this may imply pressure to produce ...
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Manager Disclosing Health Info

I was taken out of work by my PCP (primary care practitioner) for severe medical reasons. I gave my job proper notice and had provided my work note. I was not aware that I did not have to disclose any ...
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Avoided office because of my health - now people start to talk

I am currently in physical pain after an injury. It’s healing very slowly and different treatments are tried. My doctor has not put me on sick-leave. He has just told me that I should avoid painful ...
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Something came up and could only give 4 days notice of missing work. This may have made it seem not urgent

I recently started a new job. I had a dentist appointment that didn't fix a problem (actually I think it made the problem worse). My mouth started hurting more and more to the point where I had to ...
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How to explain the gap in my resume due to cancer?

I have been laid off at the same time as I was diagnosed with cancer. Now, after almost a year of battle, I want to update my resume and start looking for a new job. And I want to address the “gap” in ...
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Is it ok for me to ask a co-worker about their surgery?

So, one of my co-workers informed me today that she was going to be on a week-long leave for an upcoming surgery and would need time to recover. She wanted me to handle anything that might come her ...
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Hesitant to inform my suspected tuberculosis to my employer

I was recently diagnosed with health issue with diagnosis results saying 'Strong Suspect" for tuberculosis. Although my diagnosis doesn't say that I am positive for tuberculosis, the physician ...
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Should I notify my manager that a coworker has been taking a lot of cough drops over COVID-19 concerns?

At my workplace, we are required to wear face masks throughout the day and to do our best to keep a six foot distance from other coworkers to reduce the spread of COVID-19. A few days ago, I noticed ...
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What steps must an employer take to keep health information confidential? [closed]

What steps must an employer take to keep health information confidential? This question is mainly legal but for a few reason I thought this site would be better than Where I work ...
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How do I help my manager understand I am very stressed?

I have a great manager. We are two Europeans working for an aggressive, fast paced organisation from the US. He is under great pressure because of his job and internal politics. I am under great ...
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What can I do to mitigate wrist/other pains, allowing me to spend as much of my week sitting at a desk as possible?

Edit - This question may (understandably) invite knee-jerk reactions, so I'd like to clarify that I'm not talking about 70 hour work weeks. I'm talking about 40 hour work weeks plus 30 hours of ...
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Resigning due to ill health UK

I have a progressive neurological disorder - I won't be going into the details of the illness as its private and personal and quite emotive. A year ago I spoke to my then line manager, that this day ...
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Is my boss required to inform me if one of our coworkers has coronavirus?

I work in a supermarket, about 800 employees between two stores. We are an "essential business" and have been open through the entire coronavirus pandemic. ...A newspaper article came out ...
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How should I approach my boss about too much time spent on training, unnecessary tasks, and not following health regulations?

I am a lifeguard at a public pool and due to the pandemic, many things have changed, especially the way in which we operate. Some background information: we are only open 4 hours each weekday. Each ...
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I strongly notice my colleagues odour, but my other colleague doesn't. Should I still escalate this or keep quiet?

TL;DR We are 3 people in a small room at our office. Me, Bob and Charles. I can smell Bob, but Charles said he didn't notice anything. Should I still report this to our manager/HR and let him handle ...
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New potentially chronic health condition means I may not be the same engineer as before

I am fortunate, I work for a large and stable company and in general, management is fair, I would even say more compassionate than not. Since the beginning of the year, I've had an issue with chronic ...
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How does health coverage work after being laid off? [closed]

I recently got laid off from my job in the USA like many other people. I have had health insurance coverage through my employer, and so I called my insurance today to ask for a loss of coverage letter....
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Started a new job, but with the COVID situation I am simply too depressed to work. What should I do? [closed]

I lost my job a few weeks ago due to the virus. I was able to pick up a new one 3 weeks later, but I'm honestly just too depressed (with all the COVID stuff and isolation) to work. It's work-from-home ...
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Company is asking me to forward my full medical records to them for private health insurance

My new company has sent me the insurer forms to fill in for the private health insurance they offer as part of the employee benefits. All costs are covered by the company. The insurance is entirely ...
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Was I wrong asking my boss whether my co-worker needed to get checked at Employee Health?

My co-worker just flew back from vacations in Ft. Lauderdale and had previously said she needed to get checked at Employee Health before returning to work, but she just showed up. I asked her ...
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Workplace wants employees to go to work after being in close contact with sick coworker

I know a person who currently works for a business that is on the borderline of what are considered "essential" by New York State during the current mandates of decreased in-person workforce. While ...
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Workplace badly mishandling COVID-19 response

My partner is in a difficult situation with their job and we are not sure how to handle it. We live in a state that has ordered all non-essential services to shut down. The CEO of my partner's company ...
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Boss at workplace has threatened me and other colleagues to finish project before going to work from home

Someone from my workplace in Houston has actually tested positive for COVID-19. The branch manager has declared everyone to work from home for at least one month. Unfortunately, my boss (let's just ...
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How should I prepare for joing an "Environmental issues" committee?

I may be offered to be a member of a joint workers-management committee on environmental issues in my workplace. I work at a combination R&D, testing and assembly facility for medical scanners, ...
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Company refusing to take basic precautions on COVID-19

My friend's company is not taking basic precautions on COVID-19 (i.e. hand sanitizers, asking employees to take time off if they are showing symptoms, etc.) Basic protections are not provided for ...
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Coworkers acting like I have coronavirus [closed]

I am a resident of Omaha, Nebraska. I have never traveled internationally, and have only thrice in my life even traveled outside of Nebraska. I am fairly introverted, and usually spend my free time ...
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Coronavirus home-office suggestion to managers

Given the recent statistics and information regarding CoVID-19, I find myself worried I might be exposed due to working in a big place with over 500 workers in the office with many of them traveling ...
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My trainee shows symptoms. How to tactfully send her home at the time of the corona epidemic?

The corona-epidemic has reached the city where I work. The number of cases confirmed by the authorities has been increasing day by day. My wife is pregnant. She is in the seventh month with our baby. ...
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Company refusing to buy solder fume extractor for me

Not to over-dramatize things, the company I work for is ridiculously tight on spending for a large company. My job requires me to do a lot of soldering (hardware engineer) and I have asked for a fume ...
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How can an employee appropriately influence an employer to add a high deductible plan (with HSA) to their medical benefits offered?

Is it realistic for an employee to influence an employer, and the HR department, to add a high-deductible health plan to the medical benefits offered by the company? In this case, the employee ...
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What is the impact on health of travelling internationally for 50-70% of the time?

I was offered a job as worldwide head of business development for X. I was offered twice my current salary, plus a bonus. It's a very attractive offer, but I will have to travel 50-70% internationally ...
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How do companies take into account public health in order to improve their organizations? [closed]

Quoting Wikipedia, Public health has been defined as "the science and art of preventing disease”, prolonging life and promoting human health through organized efforts and informed choices of ...
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May have to take one or two days off for medical appointments. Should I give details to management?

I started a new job recently. I may need to take a couple days off work for medical appointments. I feel like two days is rather strange. The details are there's a pain in my mouth and not sure if a ...
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Company keeps confiscating cleaning supplies

Recently, the restroom in our office ran out of soap. The first employee to notice it reported it to management, however, no action was taken. After a day or two of repeatedly asking management to ...
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Would a huge screen/projector be healthier for the eyes?

As a very common exercise supposed to save your eyes whilst working long term in front of a monitor is to "look twenty feet away for twenty seconds every twenty minutes" and that's apparently the ...
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The photo copier might be making my colleague sick

In my office they are 19 people including me. My IT manager normally comes to office late and leaves at night. Today I spot one thing that might be a problem, the photo copier. I like to sit at his ...
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Should I be able to keep my company purchased standing desk when I leave my job?

I may be leaving my company soon to start a new position, and one thing I've wondered about is whether or not I will be able to keep my standing desk. The reason for my question is that it was ...
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