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For workplace questions pertaining to the healthcare industry, which offer medical treatment, facilities and services. Do not use this tag for questions pertaining to healthcare benefits, commonly offered as an employment benefit.

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How to express concern with an unsafe practice in a hospital setting if quitting is not feasible?

I am asking this question on behalf of my wife, who works in respiratory care, in a hospital. Her position involves direct patient care. Due to recent spikes in the more contagious delta strain of the ...
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How can you determine if the job position you are placed in now is really for you?

I am working as a data analyst in a healthcare company.So far, it has been a little over a month since I have been working at this company. However, there are some parts of the position that are ...
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What are some possible temp jobs in the US [closed]

My job is driving me nuts but I haven't been able to quit because I am unable to land another job. I am trying to find alternative solutions besides just quitting and being unemployed as, well, not ...
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'Deprioritised' after accepting conditional employment offer in favour of applicants to permanent roles:explain resulting hardship/get re-prioritised?

I have fulfilled all the conditions set for me in an offer for a 3-month contract for a junior NHS role in Wales, but the NHS Trust seems to want to stall the clearance process indefinitely for me ...
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How do I go about applying for jobs that I have no professional experience, yet overwhelming personal experience and not make it sound creepy or bad

I've ran across several positions in healthcare/ living assistance that I would not qualify for professionally. Yet, because I've helped my mom (recently deceased), and now more and more my father, I ...
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How should I prepare for joing an "Environmental issues" committee?

I may be offered to be a member of a joint workers-management committee on environmental issues in my workplace. I work at a combination R&D, testing and assembly facility for medical scanners, ...
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How to apologize to my boss for saying something that offended her?

I work in private care. My boss and I have a great relationship. I care for her mother. Today her mother was ignoring me and I made a joke, one my boss has and I've made multiple times, about when she ...
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Physical vs Digital Product Manager; what are the differences?

I have two opportunities ahead in two different companies as a Product Manager, they're both equal, in a lot of aspects: Same Income Near my house Company Size (around 90 employees each) Both act in ...
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Employer suppresses recording and payment of overtime - what are my options?

I work as a doctor in a German hospital under municipal sponsorship. Our institution has its own collective agreement (not TV-Ärzte/VKA). This collective agreement regulates, among other things, both ...
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Manager trying to undermine my performance after I helped bring in more than $1 million for the company

I started at this job 5 months ago and was hired permanently full time about a month and a half later. It's a medical billing department apart of a non-profit healthcare organization that manages ...
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Research-Science Strategist [closed]

Is the role of a Research/Scientific strategist for a company a) more general, such as to decide the general guidelines of what the scientific domains the company will be dealing with will be? Or b) ...
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Extremely long shifts in the healthcare system

I wasn't sure where to ask this, but at its core it's a workplace issue more than anything else. I'm in university studying medicine, and fairly soon I have to go through a bunch of internships that ...
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How much can a health care professional tell a friend about their day, considering HIPAA limitations? [closed]

I have a friend who's a programmer. When they have a s^1*ty day, they can choose to whine to me about it. What this user said, what this project manager did, this code a previous programmer wrote ...
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Is a research experience in a foundation (no profit) relevant for a company?

I will defend my PhD soon and I am looking for opportunity outside academia. I am interested in preclinical trial research but I struggle getting referral or interview since I do not have a network ...
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How to request accommodations for a blue uniform due to autism?

I’m soon to be volunteering at a hospital nearby my university for several months and they require volunteers to wear clothing that identifies them in the hospital and I don’t believe any of the ...
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Do I ask for a higher salary, or accept the job since I want to be done looking? [closed]

I currently applied to a position a last month at a Healthcare Organization and it was for a Application System Programmer Specialist position. I was notified that I did not receive that position a ...
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Career Interest and Opportunities

I am in the Top of my career. I am a nutritionist with ~30+ years of experience. I am currently in a management position where I am comfortable and feel that I learn every day and stay abreast in the ...
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Getting set up with a working contract without my knowledge. Is this possible?

I'm a foreign trained physical therapist. I am under a working contract with a company for 3 years. They gave me a job assignment through verbal (phone) agreement and I haven't signed any contract ...
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Is there any legal protection for widowed mothers?

I am a widowed mother of two girls (an 8 year old and a 14 month old), working at a hospital. I have been at this job for about 8 months. My baby has been sick a few times, therefore I've had to ...
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How to explain jobs unrelated to profession?

I am a healthcare professional. I took time off to care for both my parents with terminal illness at different times, but within a 5 year period. I was burnt out on nursing and just wanted a routine ...
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