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Questions relating to the employment process for a new employee.

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How do I properly follow-up with a hiring manager, to check on the status of a position?

I had an interview on Monday, which I think went fairly well. I was told that I was the last to interview for the position, and that they were expecting to make their decision by that Friday. I also ...
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How do I coordinate the process of pursuing multiple job opportunities at the same time?

In the hot field of software engineering, a competent programmer wanting to switch jobs will be able to apply and interview easily for at least a half dozen jobs. However, coordinating the speed at ...
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Does the first person to mention a number in a salary negotiation lose?

When talking about salary negotiation (or any negotiation), it's become somewhat conventional wisdom that "the first to give a number loses". Steve Hanov says so. So does Is this true? ...
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Job offer contingent on background check: when to give notice?

I have recently accepted a job offer from an employer (a relatively large one with big HR dept). Basically everything went fine: salary/benefits negotiated, start-date determined, etc. I got the ...
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How long to wait for a written job offer to arrive?

Two and a half weeks ago I was offered a position within a global organisation, verbally, over the phone by the head hunter and told the contract would arrive early the next week. Ten days later and ...
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Are side projects acceptable "work experience" for an entry level worker?

Are side-projects good to list in lieu of work experience? I have a few on my resume, because I haven't had a job yet, and I want to demonstrate my ability. But some of the recruiters that I have ...
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Is it rude to leave an interview early if you have already made your decision?

A friend of mine went on an interview recently for a software developer position at a well known company. It was a senior position, and he had very relevant business experience in the industry. I ...
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Should I ask a potential employer about their negative Glassdoor reviews?

I was recently approached by a company to interview for a software engineering position. The role sounds great and I'm very comfortable with the technology stack. Aside from an "acquaintance of an ...
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How to decline an already accepted offer, professionally and politely, if I want to accept counteroffer from current employer?

I am working for Indian outsourcing organization for 5 years. I got frustrated with the recent situations faced with the management and also not happy with the assignments that I got. Hence, I decided ...
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Is there a professional way to refuse a time-consuming programming task given as a test for a job?

In the context of hiring for software development jobs, I have found that it has become common for companies to assign "programming tests" which tend to be increasingly time-consuming. For example, I ...
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5 answers

How should I respond to the classic "Introduce yourself" question in an interview?

Almost any interview begins with the classic question of "Introduce yourself". Somehow I found mixed levels of detail as answers to this question. How should you ideally respond to this question ...
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2 answers

How to display contract work and "career breaks" on a resume

I'm a contract software developer, and as such I've hopped from job to job as I do project work. Some projects have been three months long, and some have been up to three years long. Also, due to ...
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Are plain or attention grabbing résumés more effective? [duplicate]

Here are some example résumés. Example 1, most attention grabbing. Example 2, styled but subtle. Example 3, most standard. Is a plain or "attention grabbing" resume more effective? Or ...
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3 answers

I received both an offer letter and a rejection letter. Which should I believe?

After my interview with a very large company, I received a call telling me that I was being offered employment, followed by a written offer ... followed two days later by a letter thanking me for ...
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Asking if the company pays travel expenses when Interviewing for an out-of-town job

Today, a company called me for arranging interview. I wasn't able to give a date for interview because of my current workload. I said I have to check it and I will call them tomorrow. I have to ...
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18 answers

How do you handle an interview for a candidate who is performing poorly?

When you begin interviewing a candidate and realise early on that they really, really aren't suitable for the job (for example, for a developer role, perhaps you've discussed coding and discovered ...
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2 answers

How can I check on the progress of an application? [duplicate]

I submitted a programming test and job application a week ago today. I received an email back thanking me for my submission (the day after) and that it has been handed to the people who will be a) ...
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What should I do when I've been verbally told I would get an offer letter, but still haven't gotten one after 4 weeks?

I live in Europe and have had some interviews with a very big MNC based in Belgium. They said they will give me an offer letter in a few days, however I am still waiting for it. The date that they ...
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Is it appropriate to ask for a fulltime offer after the end of my internship?

I am about to graduate, and I have received some offers, some of which are for full-time, while some are for internships. The offer from the company that I want to work for the most is, unfortunately, ...
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3 answers

Great interview - hiring manager never followed up, should I follow up with a call? [duplicate]

I recently had an interview that I felt went great! It lasted about an hour, I was asked some technical questions and was able to answer them all correctly. We spoke a lot about my previous projects ...
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3 answers

Does my geographic location matter when requesting a salary?

I currently work in a state where my salary is quite comfortable and the Cost of Living Index is quite low. However, if I move to another state, especially anywhere Silicon Valley, I'll need about ...
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3 answers

How to decline a job offer in writing

How can I politely decline a job offer from an employer in writing? What are the factors I should consider?
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13 answers

In an interview, is it required to have question(s) for the interviewer?

A Lifehacker article this week took on the final question in most interviews: "any questions for me?" The conclusion of the article, and most other advice I have seen, is that "Yes!" is the only ...
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4 answers

How can I tell which job requirements matter in software offerings?

Tech job offerings are plagued with over reaching and unrealistic job/experience requirements. They want college grads to have 5 years of experience, list multiple extremely specific technologies they ...
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6 answers

Why is a gap in employment dates considered bad?

It is common wisdom that a person who has gone for months or years without a job is at a disadvantage in the hiring process. Such a gap in employment dates is considered to be a red flag. Why? There ...
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6 answers

Should I share information about positions I have applied for with recruiters?

I posted my resume on popular job sites, and got many emails, and even some scams. I applied directly to a company and had a phone interview shortly after, possibly face to face next week. I then ...
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23 votes
4 answers

Should employers that previously "rejected" me be contacted again?

I've been searching for a job for a while now(too long, in my opinion). The employers I have gotten interviews for have so far led to one of these cases: Them politely saying they are no longer ...
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2 answers

How often should I apply to the same company?

Say there's a particular company for which one would really like to work. How often is it acceptable to apply again for a job, provided you are increasing experience in skills between applications?
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3 answers

Do employers actually hire candidates based off of Github profiles? [closed]

I've heard much talk about your Github profile being your CV and companies supposedly using Github to find employees. But I've never heard of anyone actually being hired primarily due to their OSS ...
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2 answers

Omitted short-term job from job application and worried about background check

So I received a formal job offer last week, and I am now going through the background check process to get everything finalized. I have one job that I left off of my resume that was a six-week stint ...
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7 answers

Protecting resume against recruiters, double-presentations, and MS Word?

Early in my career, I encountered unethical recruiters in the tech industry. In the worst case, a recruiting firm sent my resume to dozens of companies without my consent. This resulted in a double ...
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What's the most appropriate time in the recruitment process to reveal that you're transgender (in the UK)?

I am a transgender person looking to switch jobs from the one I am currently in to one where I can work as a woman, completing the set of places I need to be accepted in order to live full time as my ...
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35 votes
9 answers

Citing pay as a reason to move on from a company

Let us say you've applied to a job, and the employer calls back with a phone interview. When employers ask you about why you're moving on from your current company, is it considered bad to reply "I'm ...
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Request to interview for a job I'm not qualified for

I recently posted my resume on and I was asked to interview with a large company. In the email describing the position, it stated that the position was a senior level position. I would not have ...
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Negotiation for Fulltime Conversion After Internship

How should one who has held multiple internships with a large company of 50k+ employees negotiate salary on eventual full-time job offers (having documented excellent performance via internal systems)?...
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4 answers

Signing contract on the starting day? Not before?

I've been through a really long hiring process, almost 2 months. After 5 interviews with managers and directors, a psychotechnic evaluation and finally a health analysis, they called me, and told me ...
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23 answers

How, in practice, can I hire more diversely?

Let's say that I've attended all the talks, I've read all the research, and I've concluded that what's best for my team and my company is to increase the amount of diversity in my software engineering ...
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85 votes
5 answers

How to answer "Are you interviewing anywhere else?" during an interview

Let's suppose we are in an advanced stage of the recruiting process of a company and this question pops up. Also, this is a startup, so the interviewer is not an HR agent but the whole startup team (...
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Interview programming assignment seems like free work [duplicate]

I'm applying for a company that wants me to complete a several hour coding challenge. The assignment is basically "we've got 15 templates on our site, create a 16th one". Now I've heard of companies ...
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6 answers

How do you overcome interview anxiety when writing code?

I have test anxiety, and when interviewing I often get so stressed that I have difficulty completing tasks in the interview that I normally wouldn't have trouble completing. I recently went through ...
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9 answers

Pre-Employment Background check: what constitutes "bad"?

At least in the US, job offers are typically contingent upon background checks. From my experience, these checks typically include a criminal background check, a driver's history check, and a credit ...
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5 answers

What is the purpose of a company asking "Have you interviewed with us before?"

I am currently interviewing for Software Engineer positions in Sillicon Valley, and I was reached out to by a big company. I had interviewed them before earlier this year, but I did not pass it and ...
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4 answers

When do I notify a potential employer of a nickname I go by?

If I have a nickname I always go by and that everyone knows me as / calls me, when do I tell this information to a potential employer? Most applications do not have a spot on them to write in a ...
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8 answers

Do employers care where you went to school? [closed]

As a soon-to-be university grad from a less than 'prestigious' school. After reading this article. I have asked this question to a wide variety of people I have met. In general, they respondedthat ...
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Should I negotiate a higher salary when transitioning from intern to full-time employee?

I'm currently finishing my internship (graduation) as software engineer and the company has asked me to come work for them after I've graduated. During the internship I developed an iPhone app which ...
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4 answers

How to ask for a decision after an interview?

I am really interested in working for the particular company but think that it does not make sense to wait any longer. A substantial amount of time has passed and I have already other offers. Is it ...
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How long after a recruiter's introduction is it considered ethical to re-approach a company?

Here's a situation: a recruiter introduces a candidate to a company, and the company is very interested in hiring the candidate. However, if the process at some point breaks down, how long after this ...
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Verbal offer but no response from company

Three weeks ago I was verbally offered a job and I accepted. I filled out my background consent form and stated that I was honest and divulged that I was convicted of a misdemeanor. My background ...
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Interviewer privately warned me against taking the job

Two weeks ago I interviewed with a large company. The interview went well and I felt that the company would be a good fit for my needs. Some of the interviewers during the process seemed like they ...
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Preventing cheating in a phone interview

I'm going to interview someone on the phone, I have been involved in a few in-person interviews before but this is my first phone interview so I have some concerns about the process. It's a technical ...
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