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Questions relating to the employment process for a new employee.

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Is it rude to leave an interview early if you have already made your decision?

A friend of mine went on an interview recently for a software developer position at a well known company. It was a senior position, and he had very relevant business experience in the industry. I ...
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10 answers

Does the first person to mention a number in a salary negotiation lose?

When talking about salary negotiation (or any negotiation), it's become somewhat conventional wisdom that "the first to give a number loses". Steve Hanov says so. So does Is this true? ...
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231 votes
14 answers

Interviewer privately warned me against taking the job

Two weeks ago I interviewed with a large company. The interview went well and I felt that the company would be a good fit for my needs. Some of the interviewers during the process seemed like they ...
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215 votes
20 answers

Candidate's answer during an interview disqualifies them. Is it unprofessional to immediately inform them of this?

As a senior software developer (based in the UK), my manager has me conduct interviews for junior developers alongside either himself or another senior developer. For the most part, he gives us a free ...
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191 votes
14 answers

Dilemma of explaining to interviewer that he is the reason for declining second interview

During a recent interview for a job, I got a very bad feeling about the person who would be my team leader. The job itself would have suited me, but I disliked the person (his interview style was ...
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23 answers

How, in practice, can I hire more diversely?

Let's say that I've attended all the talks, I've read all the research, and I've concluded that what's best for my team and my company is to increase the amount of diversity in my software engineering ...
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172 votes
5 answers

How do I coordinate the process of pursuing multiple job opportunities at the same time?

In the hot field of software engineering, a competent programmer wanting to switch jobs will be able to apply and interview easily for at least a half dozen jobs. However, coordinating the speed at ...
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13 answers

Is it reasonable to ask a potential employer for samples of their code and/or employee contact information, to determine if I want to work there?

I'm currently looking for a new job as a developer. There are two things that companies usually require that bother me a lot: long programming assignments and reference checks. There are plenty of ...
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154 votes
3 answers

How and when should I disclose that I'm deaf?

I was born profoundly deaf. I am struggling to be hired as a software programmer (Bachelor Science in Computer Science graduated in 2012). I have been employed from time to time but finding long-term ...
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8 answers

The mysterious salary formula

I've been observing a trend in several European and American software companies when it comes to salary negotiations. Basically, HR says we have a "formula" to calculate the salary for our employees ...
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128 votes
15 answers

Rejected in the fourth interview round, citing insufficient years of experience [closed]

I have been interviewing with a very prominent software company, having completed one HR and two technical rounds (one with the team's manager) before. In the fourth round (coding round) I did very ...
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123 votes
16 answers

Getting an entry level IT position later in life

I'm at a crossroads in my life and need some help. Long story short, in a couple of years both my children will be in the later stages of their schooling and will no longer need me to do the school ...
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8 answers

Need to withdraw an application unless their HR changes their rules - how to do so?

I'm 3 months into the interview process for a pretty prestigious research lab. It'd be a great gig. The hiring manager has told me that my peer references were great and I'm by far the most qualified ...
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117 votes
12 answers

Is it okay to ask for respect from interviewer?

In a past interview for a company I had several one-on-one interviews with several different people. With one individual, the interviewer's phone rang and he answered the phone and talked to his wife ...
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Is it unethical to not hire somebody because of their body odor?

Recently I encountered a candidate for a job that has a notable problem with body odor. This person is an intern so I've worked with them for a while, and can say for sure that the issue is consistent....
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107 votes
29 answers

Should I keep asking candidates to include a specific word to filter out candidates who didn't pay attention to the job ad?

I am looking for a developer. For that I posted an ad that looks like this: We are searching for a BlahBlah developer part-time in-house. You will be responsible for: ...... Flexible schedule. Please ...
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100 votes
8 answers

Should I mention my name change in my resume, when it would expose me as Transgender?

I am transgender. I legally changed my name a couple of years ago. I'm worried prospective employers might try to verify my older experience when I was using my old name, and conclude that I'm lying ...
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8 answers

How do I properly follow-up with a hiring manager, to check on the status of a position?

I had an interview on Monday, which I think went fairly well. I was told that I was the last to interview for the position, and that they were expecting to make their decision by that Friday. I also ...
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7 answers

Manager wants to hire me; HR does not. How to proceed?

I had a talk with the manager of a technical department at a big sized company I've been doing some work with as a consultant. She told me they are looking for technical people and asked if I'd like ...
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96 votes
7 answers

What do I do when my boss is sabotaging interviews?

I work in New Mexico, USA. My position is supposed to be one of a team of four, but we have never been fully staffed in the two years I have worked here. This is because we have high turnover due to ...
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90 votes
18 answers

How can one interview somebody for a job requiring work under severe stress?

A friend of mine is working in a company which is developing and maintaining a set of mission critical products. If one of those products fail at 3 AM, it is mandatory to do something immediately to ...
87 votes
13 answers

Should I point out that I'm a woman when negotiating starting salary?

The pay gap between men and women has been in the news lately so I'm wondering if it would be an appropriate strategy to use this when negotiating a starting salary at a new company as a Senior ...
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8 answers

Are such religious references typical for US-based companies or should I be worried?

I was shown a job ad at StackOverflow from a US-based company which had caught my eye. Now, I don't have any immediate plans to move to US, but I do check out opportunities from time to time. Besides, ...
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86 votes
12 answers

Is there a minimum number of candidates that need to be interviewed before a decision is made? [closed]

Sometimes certain interviews feel like they're not actually seriously considering me for the role. For example, I had an interview the other day over Zoom. They said they were impressed by all the ...
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85 votes
5 answers

How to answer "Are you interviewing anywhere else?" during an interview

Let's suppose we are in an advanced stage of the recruiting process of a company and this question pops up. Also, this is a startup, so the interviewer is not an HR agent but the whole startup team (...
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10 answers

Applicant refuses to give employment-history or CV

Some background, we are a small Dutch tech startup of currently two people looking to expand with another engineer. This hire seems therefore quite crucial for us. I just had an interview with a ...
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85 votes
6 answers

Should I ask a potential employer about their negative Glassdoor reviews?

I was recently approached by a company to interview for a software engineering position. The role sounds great and I'm very comfortable with the technology stack. Aside from an "acquaintance of an ...
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9 answers

Should a technical interviewer read the resume/CV?

Should a technical interviewer read the candidate's resume/CV before performing an interview? I regularly interview for data science positions. The particular context is that recruiters who are not ...
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5 answers

Got offer letter, submitted documents but didn't join, now they are asking for money to return my documents?

I interviewed at this software company say X. I got the job offer letter. They asked me to submit my original documents at the time of offer discussion. I submitted the final semester original ...
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12 answers

How representative of a company is a bad interview process?

The company I'm interviewing for is quite appealing. The business idea is interesting, the office is well located, they pay slightly above market and offer lots or perks. The hiring process, on the ...
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79 votes
18 answers

How do you handle an interview for a candidate who is performing poorly?

When you begin interviewing a candidate and realise early on that they really, really aren't suitable for the job (for example, for a developer role, perhaps you've discussed coding and discovered ...
78 votes
9 answers

How should I respond when I lied about my education and the company finds out through background check?

I lied about my education to my employer and background check revealed I did not graduate. How do I respond to my employer after they send me the following? In order for us to move forward and ...
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78 votes
7 answers

How to help a nervous candidate recover?

I have a candidate who had two excellent phone screens, but when he showed up for an interview, was shaking due to nerves. Despite his obvious nervousness, he did well enough in the first hour, ...
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76 votes
12 answers

Is there a professional way to refuse a time-consuming programming task given as a test for a job?

In the context of hiring for software development jobs, I have found that it has become common for companies to assign "programming tests" which tend to be increasingly time-consuming. For example, I ...
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75 votes
17 answers

Why does charm seem to have such a significant impact in hiring?

I remember a friend who went to a top-10 University, was academically exceptional all his life, and did thorough research on the companies he was applying to, yet he would always miss out on jobs to ...
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7 answers

Protecting resume against recruiters, double-presentations, and MS Word?

Early in my career, I encountered unethical recruiters in the tech industry. In the worst case, a recruiting firm sent my resume to dozens of companies without my consent. This resulted in a double ...
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72 votes
12 answers

What's the best time to arrive for an interview / meeting / appointment?

For every interview or a meeting, I surf the internet and refresh my mind on "what to do in an interview". Almost every resource I read, stated that I need to arrive ~15 mins before the interview time....
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71 votes
6 answers

How to handle professionally if colleagues has referred his relative and asking to take easy while taking interview

There is an interview scheduled, and HR has revealed my name as the interviewer to the person (one of my colleagues) who referred this candidate. Now the colleague is continuously insisting I be ...
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9 answers

Employer wants to change salary after I signed contract

I was offered a position at a job recently and was pretty excited. The offer was above the other offers I received at other companies so I declined the others and accepted this one. After verbally ...
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7 answers

Company HR asking questions on my hiring process, should I worry?

I was hired by my current employer about 4 years ago. At that time, the company was very compartmentalized: every division had its own HR, its own administration, its own management, its own ...
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10 answers

How to answer "Have you ever been terminated?"

I'm filling out a job application that asks the question "Have you ever been terminated or asked to resign from a position in the past?" I did get fired from a job back in 1998. It was my first high-...
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7 answers

What's the most appropriate time in the recruitment process to reveal that you're transgender (in the UK)?

I am a transgender person looking to switch jobs from the one I am currently in to one where I can work as a woman, completing the set of places I need to be accepted in order to live full time as my ...
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68 votes
10 answers

Is it a bad idea to hand deliver my CV to a company on spec? [duplicate]

Recent events caused me to terminate my employment with my (now previous) employer. I am searching for technical work in my field (programming), with the understanding that if something does not ...
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4 answers

Job offer changed by company after acceptance? (1.5 year update)

I just got a job offer in January for an IT position in a good company. Am out of work, so I need the job. It's a good company and a pretty good offer (though a little less on base pay than my ...
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66 votes
8 answers

I was let go because I internally fought against unlawful overtime, how do I explain that in interviews? [duplicate]

At my company it was common to order overtime on very short notice (hours) and without proper justification. This is illegal in my country, and I have verified this with a lawyer who also checked my ...
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65 votes
11 answers

How to make interviewee comfortable interviewing in lounge chairs

In the next couple of months, I am planning to have to conduct several interviews with candidates for full-time and intern/co-op positions. I work at a very large company that is well known in the ...
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62 votes
7 answers

Does it send the wrong impression if I ask if I will be drug tested?

Recently, I got a job offer at a large company. Prior to accepting their offer, I carefully read through all of the legal documents they sent me and noted that there was no mention of any obligatory ...
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61 votes
8 answers

Is a job offer letter with no mention of salary structure legal or correct?

Recently I cleared an interview and I accepted the job offer letter during this I discuss about salary points verbally with Head of HR. When I received offer letter by email, I read the whole letter ...
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61 votes
7 answers

Job offer contingent on background check: when to give notice?

I have recently accepted a job offer from an employer (a relatively large one with big HR dept). Basically everything went fine: salary/benefits negotiated, start-date determined, etc. I got the ...
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6 answers

How to delay hiring a candidate for 1-2 months?

We just hired a new team member, A. Just as her hiring process was wrapping up, we found another ideal candidate, B. He would be a great fit at our company. I don't want to lose him. But, we don't ...
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