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Questions tagged [hiring]

Questions about deciding who to employ in an organization. Hiring is about bringing in new employees generally.

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Do employers actually hire candidates based off of Github profiles? [closed]

I've heard much talk about your Github profile being your CV and companies supposedly using Github to find employees. But I've never heard of anyone actually being hired primarily due to their OSS ...
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How well do you have to know someone to refer them to your company?

Do you have to have worked with them? Can you refer random people you met at a party who happen to be your friend on Facebook? In other words, if I do refer or recommend someone who I haven't worked ...
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33 votes
5 answers

Why the disparity between raises within a company and raises when changing companies?

In software engineering it is common knowledge that you can expect a more significant raise when changing jobs than when getting a raise at your current job. This has been confirmed in my own personal ...
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28 votes
7 answers

Am I likely to be rehired after being fired for misconduct?

I was dismissed from my job for gross misconduct, specifically picking up vouchers (money-off coupons) that had been discarded by a customer and using them. I'd been with the company for 10 years and ...
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Explaining incorrect responses during interviews, should we do it?

I recently wrapped up an interview with a very young and unprepared internship candidate. He got a lot of the questions wrong, even the very easy ones, and would frequently inquire about how to solve ...
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I received an automated email stating my application would not be considered, after my third interview

I recently applied for a job at a company. I applied online on the company website at first, and since I did not have faith in the applicant tracking system, I got a referral(after a week). I wrote ...
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Nepotism by ceo hiring his friend who used to be my boss as my subordinate. What are my options?

I've been working at the same company for 8 years. Initially I started as a junior manager and reported to the general manager of the department. The general manager left as he became bored and ...
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How do I attend Skype interviews while being employed?

I have to attend Skype interviews for new positions. However, I am still employed. Would it be best to work at home to be able to attend these interviews?
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2 answers

Possible circumventing recruiter in the hiring process? [duplicate]

A candidate submitted an application to a recruitment agency for a job, which only had the job description without revealing company's name. Later, he finds a job with a similar description on another ...
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Fired for cause, how to explain during interviews [duplicate]

Until today I worked at a top firm as a star-performer and was set to get a promotion in the next few weeks, however I was let go. I had made a poor judgement error in our systems that was wrong but ...
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270 votes
17 answers

Making a job offer to a candidate while privately advising them to decline

I work at a small technology company (12 employees). This past summer I managed a bright, talented intern (a rising college senior) who did great work. My boss (the CEO) and others in the company ...
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154 votes
3 answers

How and when should I disclose that I'm deaf?

I was born profoundly deaf. I am struggling to be hired as a software programmer (Bachelor Science in Computer Science graduated in 2012). I have been employed from time to time but finding long-term ...
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15 answers

Rejected in the fourth interview round, citing insufficient years of experience [closed]

I have been interviewing with a very prominent software company, having completed one HR and two technical rounds (one with the team's manager) before. In the fourth round (coding round) I did very ...
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16 answers

Getting an entry level IT position later in life

I'm at a crossroads in my life and need some help. Long story short, in a couple of years both my children will be in the later stages of their schooling and will no longer need me to do the school ...
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Is it ethical/professional to give feedback to a candidate during an interview?

I have done my fair share of interviewing candidates. Some of the candidates are interested to hear immediate feedback right after the interview. Most of the time, I am able to provide a summary on ...
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42 votes
6 answers

In the United States is racial, ethnic, or national preference an acceptable hiring practice for departments or companies in some situations?

I've been working in a mid-size BI department of a large company for years. At the start, the group of about 30 people was 30% American caucasions, 30% (non-citizen) Indian, 30% (non-citizen) Chinese,...
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How to leave a good impression on a candidate who breaks down and ends up crying during an interview?

Imagine you are interviewing a candidate with someone else (for an internship*) who becomes nervous enough that they break down to the point of tears, resulting in a "no hire" because they cannot ...
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Ending the interview in the middle of it because of feeling offended by level of question

An interviewee decided to end the interview in the middle of it because he felt insulted by the level of some of the questions that had been asked. would you hire him? Some background: What happened ...
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8 votes
6 answers

Hiring discrimination?

A couple of years ago, I interviewed for a job at a large corporation. During the interview, some interview panel members exchanged "high five" and would comment "that is the kind of experience we are ...
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6 answers

Why do big companies hire subcontractors through staffing agencies?

I'm curious why so many big companies in the United States hire so many people through the staffing agencies as non-employees? It would be understandable if they do it for real short-term projects, ...
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9 answers

My boss wants to hire another employee, but I don't think we need one

My boss wants to hire another person in our team but I’m of the opinion we don’t need another person. We are currently a team of 3, my boss, me and a colleague under my guidance. The company we work ...
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4 answers

What's worse? "To whom it may concern" or "To <wrong name>" on cover letter [duplicate]

Imagine this scenario. You are applying for a job and you are 80% sure you have found the recruiting manager of the company. It is unclear that they are definitely the right person to address it to, ...
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How do I document years of experience when I've been working at home? [duplicate]

I am currently a freelance developer. However, I would like to be able to prove my eligibility for a job to any future employer. I've noticed there's a job listing that requires at least 14 years of ...
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3 answers

Testing job candidates [closed]

How to test candidates before interview and during the the recruitment process. I want to test personality, aptitude, attitude, position specific knowledge, coachability, soft skills but not sure how ...
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4 answers

When, if ever, does it make sense for a software developer to have a blog only for the purpose of getting jobs?

Some people recommend that software developers write tech blogs for multiple reasons, including the following claims: You will learn things doing that you wouldn't learn otherwise. Your overall ...
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4 answers

Hiring unqualified people in a startup

I have a small startup and I need to hire people with a different skillset than mine. The challenge is to find people with that skillset who want to work in a startup. So it seems the alternative is ...
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5 answers

Choosing between a counter-offer and an already signed offer of employment

I have recently signed and accepted an offer of employment from another company that I applied for a role in. When I informed my current company of my intended resignation, they counter-offered with a ...
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2 answers

Is it ethical for a company to cancel the final interview and does this happen?

Is it ethical/justifiable for a company to cancel the interview just a few days before the final interview is scheduled ? I imagine that they might do this because they found someone else or their ...
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Got moved to a different position from what I signed up for. Is it too late to raise the problem after a few months?

Got an interview and talked with some people, but not my current direct supervisor. Got hired and things were OK, but because of the training I wasn't really working on the stuff I got hired for, so I ...
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Will being dismissed affect my DBS check? [closed]

I have been dismissed for gross misconduct. (The misconduct was the misuse of vouchers; specifically picking up vouchers/money-off coupons that had been discarded by a customer and using them) Will ...
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3 answers

Why do 100% remote jobs require employee to reside in state X?

CompanyX is based in North Carolina and is hiring employees. Even though the job is completely remote, they require that the person resides in NC. If it’s a job that’s 100% remote, then why do I have ...
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Is it reasonable asking employer to drop employee benefit plan probation period?

I was contacted by an employer and succesfully passed their hiring process. So now we are negotiating on salary and terms. I am currently employed and have my employee benefits plan. I do not want to ...
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How To Request An Erronous Resume Be Updated Or Removed

Well I really messed up: A small batch of custom resumes were perfect and typo free, however, they were not converted to PDF correctly and as a result there was additional personal information from ...
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Should I tell a prospect manager that I am waiting on another offer?

I am in a situation where I have company A extending a job offer. But I am waiting on company B who I'd like to work for more to extend a job offer which they have not yet. I was wondering if it would ...
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Will you hire a loser? [closed]

In my last interview I was asked the classical question of Why shoud I hire you? My succinct response was: "only if you like losers", which ended the interview quickly. I grow up as a loser, no ...
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How can I accommodate an uncertain budget when planning for new hiring in cybersecurity? [closed]

I was recently promoted to team lead role on the Security Operations team where I work, and will be qualified to have direct reports. Today, I was meeting with my manager to review / discuss the ...
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How throughly should a hiring manager read a software dev candidate's blog?

Some candidates for software developer positions have technology related blogs. This is a potential source of relevant information about those candidates. How should a hiring manager go about ...
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Is responding negatively to a job rejection email likely to cause me trouble? [closed]

I applied for an entry level sales job, I graduated college in 2022. I received a form rejection letter that was BCC'd to me. They didn't even have the decency to reach out personally. The funny thing ...
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