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I don't code as a hobby. What should I answer when asked about my GitHub?

While I've done coding in the past as a hobby, I don't do it anymore and my current employer uses a private local GitLab repository, so my GitHub wall is all white squares and the code that is in ...
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Did I make a mistake in telling team about sensitive / controversial hobby [closed]

I work in cybersecurity and have been at my employer for about 9 years. I am in the USA, in a "blue" Democratic leaning state. Today several new team members joined other teams within the ...
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Since my boss find out my hobby, our relationship worsened, how to improve it?

I'm working as a developer/database admin and, until a few days ago, everything was great working with my boss (workload was fine, we trusted each other, meetings were shorts and constructive, ...
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What, if any, personal interests should I put on a resume?

I'm a 3rd-year college student applying for internships and co-ops. My career advisor generally encourages putting a "Personal Interests" section on resumes. Generally, not many of my real personal ...
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Asked about hobbies [duplicate]

I was asked about hobbies in two separate situations and I'm not sure if it's a genuine attempt at finding out how I spend my spare time, or looking for an answer without directly asking for it. ...
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