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Forced to take annual leave for IT issue

I am fully remote (office is around 4 hours away) and I have been forced to lose 2 days annual leave because of an IT issue. This issue was due to a fire and losing one of the main servers, everyone ...
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Working for a US company from the UK - bank holidays and minimum PTO

I may be starting to work remotely soon from the UK for a US company. From what I understand, holiday requirements are very different there (in the UK there is a minimum of 28 days PTO including bank ...
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May I say "Christ is Risen" at Easter in a workplace context? [closed]

Happy Easter! I ask this question on the last working day before Easter. I work in a mostly online/remote environment with all of the employees in Australia, Switzerland, England, Spain, South Africa, ...
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Assisting an employee to disconnect from work and prevent burnout

I am a manager (indirect to this person) in a small UK based company and work with a fantastic colleague/friend who is rapidly approaching complete burnout. The job is non-physical, involves data/...
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PTO was approved for me. I might receive a job offer soon. When should I give notice period to my current employer?

I work for a consulting company (specifically with one of its clients). My employer approved PTO for me. It starts in two weeks. Client is ok with that. I think I will receive a job offer soon. I ...
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Employment Law - Requirements for cover during leave

I have had to cover my leave for 6 years now. I am a NHS Medical Secretary and having had a conversation with my manager that I will need cover and giving written instructions/information relating to ...
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What is your experience about the productivity drop when the holiday season is coming? [closed]

When the holiday season is coming, for us it is the Chinese New Year next week, what is your experience about the productivity drop during this time frame? Christmas is bad for workers’ productivity ...
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Should I apply to developer jobs now with Thanksgiving and Christmas on the horizon

I want to apply to Junior ASP.NET Core Web Developer Jobs as soon as next week, the week of Nov. 15th. Is this advisable with only 1 week away to Thanksgiving and 1 month away after that to Christmas? ...
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Can an employer in the Netherlands deny me holiday leave during my notice period in the last month of my yearly holiday rota?

I have handed in my resignation to a Dutch company which I am currently working for, however, I misunderstood the contractual notice period. In the contract it says I must provide "one calendar ...
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Buying gifts for employees out of pocket [closed]

I'm a new manager with a small number of direct reports. My company does a holiday party (virtual in 2020), but we don't have any sort of gifts that are distributed. I'd like to give my employees ...
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Is it professional to ask for day off, after just few days in work, to attend friend's funeral?

My friend recently died and day of funeral is already known, but it's set to be on work day. I just started working in new place and being inducted into company and project I'll be working on. Also, I ...
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Asking for holiday after probation extension

I recently had a probation review and it was extended as my manager hasn't seen anything that can put in the role I m in (senior developer) and lack of communication. Following feedback, I had been ...
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Holiday Pay at Basic rate when regular overtime and higher rate usually paid

I have a friend who works in the service industry and she as standard works anti-social hours (which increases her hourly rate by 50p) and also despite being contracted to do 24 hours per week, she is ...
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Employee asking for 2 weeks unpaid leave for travel quarantine

I have an employee on an 8 month contract in the UK. Before starting, we agreed for them to take a 2 week holiday to go home to Europe (no problem here). They bought the plane tickets for their family....
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Vacation requests never approved on time

I am relatively new at a company (< 3 months) and am working in a development capacity. Despite the current climate, I still would like vacation time even if that means sitting at home. I am ...
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Contractor day rate - calculating based off pro rata annual 'salary'

I have been working on a self-employed contract for almost 12 months. When I started, they offered me a 'pro-rata salary' of £37k. They asked to be billed by the day, and naively I just did 37,000 ...
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Should I give my colleague a souvenir I got from a holiday in a place with e.g. epidemic outbreak? [closed]

For example, if I traveled to Asia (such as Japan or Shanghai, China) early this winter and brought back some small souvenirs intended for my colleagues. Should I refrain from giving them to my ...
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Why are holidays stretched to the weekends?

Someone asked me why holidays are stretched into the weekends (like holiday on a thursday but you don't go friday) and I'm not too sure why they do it, since it would be non beneficial to the company, ...
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How to let colleagues know that your desk is vacant?

I work in an office that has few to no spare desks at the best of times. It is rammed! However, there tend to be desks within the office that are free (due to holiday, business travel, working from ...
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Observing bank and public holidays while working remotely for a foreign company [closed]

Which countries bank and public holidays do I observe if I work remotely in one country for a company in another country and where both countries do not have identical holidays? Do I observe the ...
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What to do with an individualized tip from a customer?

I currently work at a popular coffee shop to make ends meet while I do research in math and science. I consider myself a pretty good barista, attempting to go above and beyond for my customers ...
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Couldn't attend holiday party. Should I ask to get the gift offered to remote employees?

My company hosted a nice holiday party that I would have liked to, but was unable to attend due to conflicts. I RSVP'd that I would not attend. The party has already taken place. From others ...
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How to give notice when everyone is gone on vacation?

I will be starting a new job mid January, and to meet the two-week notice period, I would need to put in my notice on the 27th. However due to other circumstances (finalizing a home mortgage), I ...
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How does "unlimited holidays" work in practice? [duplicate]

Lately I am seeing work offers from many companies, and I often found companies based in the US state Unlimited holidays as part of their perks. During the interviews I asked about this, and they say ...
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Secular Holidays Conundrum

My coworkers are doing Halloween and Christmas at work, I'm a Messianic Jew, how do I avoid ruining my relationship with them?
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I am now going to the US to work from the office there for a couple of weeks. What about european bank holidays?

Essentially a bank holiday will coincide with my trip in the US (I work in Europe). I am wondering if I'd be entitled to get that day back as vacation or something equivalent. I don't feel ...
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Annual Leave Entitlement

I started a new job in December for a company that works in the UK Higher Education sector. I was told I'd get 20 days annual leave plus bank holidays and closure days (another 14) giving me 34... ...
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Are fixed-term interns entitled to annual leave?

I recently started an internship which I am enjoying. However I received my contract a few days into starting the work (although the pay was agreed beforehand). Now my internship duration as ...
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Didn't mention that I had 3 weeks of holiday booked during interview, and now got job offer

During an interview process I said that I had 2 weeks holiday booked in July (but I actually have 3 weeks booked). The job starts in May, so my holiday would happen 2 months into my 6-month probation ...
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Will I accrue holidays whilst working notice? [closed]

I am leaving my current position and working 4 weeks' notice. Last day of employment will be 22nd March. Holiday year runs 1st Jan -> 31st Dec Notice handed in 25th Feb I have been told I will have ...
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Applying for a job while just starting another

I'm going to start a new job at company A soon, after two months of unemployment. The work contract says I'm not entitled to ask for days off during the first six months. Besides, within this period ...
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Manager offering annual leave I don’t think I’m due

So our manager has only been in the job since Nov and he approached me today to tell me I have another week and a half to take off, which I was completely unaware of. I work part-time which does make ...
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UK - Can my employer not allow holiday longer than a certain period?

My employer has a policy regarding holiday stating that employees are not allowed to take longer than a week off at a time (5 working days) as a consequence of this rule it leads me to believe if I ...
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Factually, what proportion of companies make today (31st) a holiday? [closed]

Let's set aside very small companies (let's say, under 20 or so people). "Most" companies seem to have January 1 as a holiday day - the company is closed. What about Monday December 31, 2018 ? Is ...
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How to deal with employee who do lots of vacation? [closed]

My father is facing a difficulty that one of his employee do vacation once after two days. Even though he is a very honest and hard working employee, and also takes holidays for genuine reasons, it ...
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Do I have to attend a work Christmas party?

I've just started a new job, which I'm enjoying. I recently received an email, asking all employees to choose what they would like to eat at the work Christmas party. I personally would not choose to ...
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Part time contract holiday adjustment

I recently asked to work 4 out of 5 days a week. The company came back with a contract amendment which looks fine, however there is one change which I do not understand: The exact wording is: ...
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Manager Prioritising Colleagues holidays

Background: So I work in a company where we have flexi time and our holidays are first come first serve. It's in the policy of the company. I work with 2 other developers but our manager (for obvious ...
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How to manage guilt for taking a day off? [closed]

Before yesterday, my last full day off from work was on May 13th. Between now and then, I have worked every single day in some capacity, usually 9-5 but also unusual hours on a work trip, being ...
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Can I take my annual holiday before leaving workplace? [duplicate]

I conveniently joined the company when they just reset their holiday leave, so I have 25 days remaining. However, I think I'm going to leave. Should I take all 25 days before I hand in my notice? P....
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How are holidays and bank holidays for partial work weeks normally handled

I work at an office-based company in the UK where almost all employees work a regular 5 day week. We have 25 days holiday, plus Bank Holidays, and it is assumed that the office will be closed on Bank ...
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Bi-weekly sprint with monthly recurring vacancy

I'm a software developer and next year at my company we start using two-weekly sprints. A couple weeks before knowing we'd start this process I talked to my boss telling him I want to work less with ...
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What is the current protocol for holiday gifts? [closed]

I've been at the new job for about 3 months, and all seems to be going well. I report directly to two managers, and I'm on good/excellent terms with both of them. I want to give them some small ...
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Ineligible for paid holiday [duplicate]

I'am a salaried exempt employee and I gave my 2 weeks notice with a November 24th as a last day. Some plans came up so I requested the 24th off work. My HR manager sent me an email stating that I may ...
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Surprise holiday booked for me - what do I do? [closed]

A family member booked a surprise holiday for me to the other side of the world from the 28th of December to the 5th or 6th of January. I started working in my current workplace at the end of ...
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Rewarding employees with increased holiday entitlement for years of loyal service [closed]

We’re looking to implement a scheme whereas employees are rewarded for years of loyal employment. We’d be interested to hear about similar schemes (or entirely different ones) that reward loyalty and ...
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How to professionally tell my boss to not contact me during my holidays?

I'm currently on holidays, and I'm a software developer. For the first time in my 10+ years of work, my boss tried to reach me during my holidays, on my private phone (while I have a company phone ...
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Extending holidays after bad news [closed]

I need an advice. I've received the bad news that my father has lost his job while I was in Italy for holidays. He hasn't told me yet, I know as my step-mother told me so, knowing that he wouldn't ...
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Missed Friday work because I mistakenly thought Labor Day was September 1st, how to explain?

I worked abroad for half my career and always worked Labor Day weekend in the States as a contractor. I totally was unaware it was not September 1st and blew off Friday. My job recently claimed my ...
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Unusual working hours and time off. [closed]

My working hours are 8:45-5:00 Monday to Thursday and 8:45-4:00 on Friday. I get 30 mins for lunch each day. My contract states my weekly working hours as 37hours and 45 minutes. I have been told we ...
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