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Questions tagged [hong-kong]

Questions about the workplace that may specifically relate to cultures or customs in Hong Kong

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As a software developer, how to setup a contract with your employer so that you retain ownership of the system you create?

I have an employer that's looking to automate their financial system for account receivable, but they're seriously low-balling the salary. One idea I've been thinking of is to create an employment ...
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How can I convince Hong Kong multi-billionaire commercial landlord to reduce rent? [closed]

I run essential business in Hong Kong. I lease 900 sq. ft. for $15K USD/month. My lease expires in Sep 2022. My landlord is CKAH (Cheung Kong Asset Holdings). Their after-tax profits were 30 billion ...
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Does “date of agreed resignation” mean the date that I handed in my notice or does that mean by last day of work?

My contract says: From the date of his/her employment and for a period of one (1) months after the termination of his/her employment with the Company, the Employee shall not, without the Company's ...
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How to deal with manager's request of "just staying longer" for work hours record?

My manager wanted me to stay longer in office because upper management was not satisfied with my working hours. He and other managers said that I was productive as a software engineer, but he failed ...
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