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3 answers

Team won't come out of their shell (possible team-wide imposter syndrome?)

I have a team-wide performance problem on the team I inherited about a year ago. No matter their title, the senior+ engineers on my team perform at the level of a junior engineer (objectively, ...
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2 answers

Advice about struggles with new role

I had turned down this role last year, and stepped down from a management role. I took the time to get better in my old role and become more confident. The opportunity came around again, so this ...
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6 votes
2 answers

How to be a successful team lead? [closed]

I recently got promoted to a team lead role after being a software engineer with the same company for a few months. I think I have been leading before informally/unknowingly but now that I am ...
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7 answers

After ten years of ad-hoc coding, what steps can I take to formally learn computer programming?

I have a slightly different issue I am running up against than it seems most people on this site usually address. Initially, right after graduating with a Master's in Economics (2010), I joined a ...
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3 answers

Asking management to hire more developers

Last year I took a job doing machine learning for a small company right after finishing my masters in which I was doing mostly AI research and managed to publish some stuff. At work, I'm the only one ...
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3 answers

How to become more “pragmatic/efficient”?

I am quite a perfectionist and I like elegant and lean solutions. The problem is that I notice that this is not what is valued in my company... I've been working as a software-developer in mid-sized ...
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5 answers

I've done three internships and about to finish university in Software Engineering, but I feel like a fraud. What can I do better?

I've done three internships (4 months each). My grades in university from Software Engineering were so-so - I've always done well and had a good grasp of our labs, but I test horribly. My biggest ...