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11 answers

Is it appropriate to voice concerns over the Qatar world cup when colleague asks people to join betting pool?

A couple of days ago, a colleague sent an email to the whole staff asking if anyone would be interested in joining their (very low key) betting pool for the World Cup (Football/Soccer) that is taking ...
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3 answers

Coworker watching inappropriate videos

I started working at a new company recently. My coworker who sits next to me watches "adult" videos constantly throughout the day. He doesn't even try to hide it. Nobody else seems to ...
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68 votes
8 answers

Coworker wrote me into fictional book

I work in IT, but have a coworker who wrote a novel in her spare time. It wasn't a NY Times bestseller, but my understanding is it did surprisingly well for an independent author. I finally read it ...
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Building a SFW business which must also contain NSFW participants [closed]

New Updated Question I run a small business that primarily deals with UK sub-culture industries - Think Heavy Metal, Tattoos, Motorbikes, Gothic, etc. Now I want to open up a Lifestyle blog where I ...
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Could opening something inappropriate on my phone via the company Wi-Fi result in me losing my job? [closed]

I was on my personal phone connected to my work network. I have Airwatch installed and they supposedly just monitors email and a VMware browser. I have a shared folder with friends on Google Drive ...
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3 answers

I said something terrible at the workplace, again. Am I gone? [closed]

So I said something inappropriate a year ago to one of the work girls about how I wanted to get with her friend and she dobbed me in and I got a warning from HR. I've been good since except ... Now I ...
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4 answers

Addressing colleague that browses sexual content at work [closed]

I’ve recently been seconded into a professional position within a Logistics Company in England, working with a team made up of management from my company and management from our customer, in an office ...
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