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Questions tagged [indonesia]

Questions about the workplace that may specifically relate to cultures, customs, or laws in Indonesia.

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15 votes
5 answers

Forced to move to the new Company [closed]

I worked at company A (banking company) as an IT Developer in developing internal company applications. However due to government regulations, banking companies are prohibited from developing internal ...
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4 votes
2 answers

Can we get blacklisted if we turn down offering contract?

I'm an intern at company XYZ, and on 29 February, my internship period ends and before that, HR offered me a full time job (but the process I needed to follow is the same when HR recruits a new ...
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4 answers

Is it ethical to apply job now although the requirement said "fresh graduate"?

Now I am in 7th semester in computer science faculty and currently working on my thesis and being an intern at company XYZ After graduating, I want to immediately work full time. If my company does ...
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4 answers

Shall I ask HR about the result of interview? [duplicate]

I am an intern who applied for full time job in some company in Indonesia. I already passed the online and offline test and after that I had an interview with psychologist 3 days ago. They say that I ...
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2 votes
2 answers

Former employee who thinks they were wronged is threatening me [closed]

I hired this lady to help me start with a project in Indonesia 2 years ago. I paid her what she asked and mentioned some profit/revenue sharing schema as a bonus if things work out. She was first ...
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2 answers

How can I quit my job before the end of my contract after getting a warning letter?

I am currently working as an IT in a Bank. A few days ago, I got a warning letter just because of some mistakes I made. Just after receiving the warning letter, I started to feel stressed with my job. ...
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27 votes
4 answers

I don't have a surname, so what should I use in my CV or LinkedIn?

I was born in Indonesia, where a surname isn't mandatory so I only have a given name, let's say "Samirah" on my passport. I am now in Belgium, in the last year at college, where I signed up using only ...
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84 votes
6 answers

Is it common business practice to consider constructive break times as billable for consultants?

My company is considering to work with an international IT company to implement an ERP system in our workflow. This is our first time working with this kind of cooperation (usually we just buy a ...
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