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Questions tagged [internal-transfer]

Questions related to being transferred to another position/place/team within the same company.

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13 votes
3 answers

How to bring up the desire to transition to another team?

I started my job here a little less than a year ago. We're a pretty small operations team, supporting a large number of teams within our organization. More specifically, my team consists of six ...
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9 answers

Senior engineer suddenly unwilling to do extra work they used to do after being denied promotion

I'm a team lead. One of our senior engineers, Uli, is part of a team of about 7 people that were tasked with steering the company to increased profitability (lots of work involving automation). His ...
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7 answers

Company screwed up; asked to forge time sheet [closed]

I was working for a good company for over a year as an hourly intern. Recently, I was transferred to a full-time salary position after accepting an offer from the company. The pay raise is significant....
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7 answers

Should I tell my manager about applying to a different (internal) job?

I am considering applying to other positions within my company. These positions are different from my current job but I ultimately aspire to work in one of said positions. There are no internal ...
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5 answers

Negotiating salary during international transfer

I work for a global company with offices in many countries. I am currently working in country A, but am being offered the possibility of transferring to an office in country B, which has a different ...
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2 votes
3 answers

Is it a good idea to take part in a transfer interview if I have no intention of accepting the job?

I've been offered an interview for a department transfer within my organization - basically to the exact same position, but working for another group on another project. I'm happy with my current ...
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2 votes
1 answer

Should you tell your boss about an internal interview? [closed]

I have been helping another department (30% of my time) in my company as somebody left the role. Of course, I am doing this after my boss' approval. Now that department wants me to interview for the ...
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2 answers

Is it wise to reveal to your boss that you are unhappy with the job and looking to change? [duplicate]

I'm not happy with my current job, mainly because I find a lot of policies to be unfair. For example we are expected to arrive early and stay late each day. I am almost at the 6 month point where I ...
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How do I professionally explain to my boss I want to work on another project (rather than continue my current one)? [duplicate]

I am looking for a way to professionally tell my boss that I don't want to continue working on the project I am currently assigned to, and want to move on to something else. A little background, ...
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