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Questions about the workplace that may specifically relate to cultures or customs in Israel.

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How to refuse to work when on vacation while keeping relationships as best as possible?

I work for a company as an algorithm developer, recently promoted from software engineer. I am very valued both by management and by peers, as is evident from management by constant positive feedback, ...
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2 answers

Is it okay to ask my boss for a permanent position in the company?

First of all I know that a similar type of question was asked here before but I think mine is somewhat different so let me start: I have been working with this company for 2 years as a consultant, and ...
4 votes
2 answers

interviewing for new team during pre-termination hearing process

Last 6 months, I joined a known tech company. The team is located in a new site. In the meanwhile there is one team - which I joined, that counts 4 employees including the manager. I've done ...
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Coworker asking me to not bring cakes due to self control issue. What should I do?

Sometimes I bring cakes to work, e.g. leftovers from birthday party to one of the family members. Most coworkers are happy about it and eat them without a problem, however one employee doesn't want ...