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How to help pen testing engineer improve intuition

I am a manager in the cybersecurity division of the company where I work and am responsible for overseeing internal pen testing of APIs and in house built applications. Many applications and APIs are ...
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What kind of projects can you show in your resume as an aspiring systems administrator(linux/windows)?

I am an aspiring linux/windows(mainly linux as I love it) system administrator and currently a helpdesk. I also like devops. What projects can I show? I've written scripts, but they're max like 100 ...
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Should I insist on not revealing your salary requirements?

I've heard the following advice blog posts (e.g. about job interviews (my paraphrase): As a job applicant, you should not reveal any kind of ...
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How do I succeed at the IT internship? [closed]

I'm a 34 years old, and I've recently completed graduate certificate in engineering last semester in Australia, and I am planning to take a part-time internship in IT while working in the evening. I'm ...
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How do I qualify for employment as an IT project manager?

Currently i am a developer with around 6 years of development experience in various stacks. I have a masters degree in computer science and have worked in several scrum teams, partially as scrum ...
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How should a business communicate redundancy/restructuring to those not at risk?

I work in a small IT team for a small uk based business. Today, unbeknownst to me and the rest of the team, three of the five members of the team were suddenly ‘out of office’ at midday, with some ...
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