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Why do job listings specify M//F in the title?

I often see M/F in the description of software developer jobs, e.g. in countries like Germany, France, and Switzerland. I assume that m/f means "male or female". I'm wondering: Why specify ...
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Why do companies list jobs on other sites but not on their own site?

Sometimes I run across jobs on Monster and other similar sites that look really good, and they're listed for companies that are good companies that I'm familiar with. However, when I go to the company ...
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How should I respond to recruiters listing jobs that are being advertised publicly anyway?

I don't mind a recruiter working on behalf of a company, but if a recruiter contacts you* with a position which is clearly being advertised publicly anyway, how should one respond? Or is ignoring them ...
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Does this "Gender Decoder" have any basis? [closed]

I am writing an ad for a data analyst position and my HR is telling me to use this site: This strikes me as very sexist, basically saying that women cannot be ...
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How aggressive should I be in pursuing "internal job postings"?

There are internal job postings up again, and I'm not sure how aggressive I should be. I'm a good performer at my job, and I believe in a meritocracy. When internal job postings go up, I always ...
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How can I determine if an ad for an unusually high-paying job is a scam?

I'm searching for a new job in Los Angeles, and came across a very high paying job with not "demanding" requirements. I have around 4 yrs of programming experience and I qualified for the job. But to ...
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How long can I wait before responding to a message on Stack Overflow Careers?

I've listed myself as "currently employed, but willing to be contacted." A couple employers have sent me messages. How long can I wait before responding would seem rude? Should I respond ...
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Why do some companies only consider local applicants? [closed]

Recently, I've noticed a couple job postings that say they'll only consider local applicants. What is the motivation for this? It seems like it shouldn't make a difference if applicants are willing to ...
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Adding personal experience to my cv

During my unemployment days, when I was in urgent need of cash i resorted to collecting, buying selling of metal and plastic scrap, i also used to drive a taxi to earn my living, I am an MBA from a ...
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How do I help my team hire a Tech Support Analyst? [closed]

I am in Technical Support, or User Services as we call it. I'm very grateful for my job. I work at a top-tier research university, on a government grant, and I get to help researchers who are trying ...
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How to apply for a position where I don't meet the requirements [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: How can I overcome “years of experience” requirements when applying to positions? I have two years of programming and general I.T. work under my belt from my ...
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Are entry level programming positions usually unlisted? [closed]

Are entry level programming jobs not usually posted in job listings? Are they mainly acquired through word of mouth or by contacting the company directly?
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