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36 votes
5 answers

Losing time due to my boss being consistently late

Hospital pharmacy hours as per contract are 7:30-2:30. Pharmacist arrives 15-35 mins late daily. I cannot clock in until the pharmacist is there as I’m just a technician and cannot legally work ...
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3 answers

Coworker asking about another coworker's attendence

I have several coworkers in my department. On paper we are all equal, no one is the offically the manager, team leader nor even the lead worker. Our oversight from our actual manager is minimal. We do ...
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3 votes
5 answers

How do I apologize for feeling sick and missing a meeting?

I am an intern a part-time software engineer in a company. I did not feel well the night before, I overslept accidentally and missed a meeting, where 5 of us want to write a business plan, the ...
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4 answers

Dealing with Executive who is always late

What is the best way to deal with a sr manager head of a department who is always late to my meetings? Should I start the meeting without him?
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47 votes
14 answers

I like my new job but I'm always late and I skip work often. How to avoid this?

A little background: I started my new job in software dept of a Bank five months ago. Before that I worked in a company which had the culture of extreme late sitting and a night stay for once or ...
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1 vote
3 answers

I will be resigning due to an inability to finish my work, how to prevent in the future? [closed]

I have a number of projects that I am unable to finish on time. I will not be able to catch up, because I do not have the energy/focus to work more hours than I already do. Everyone at work is ...
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0 votes
2 answers

Invoices turned in after 30 days, 15% is withheld & after 60 days, not paid at all... is this LEGAL? [closed]

State agency is asserting that after an invoice from an Independent Contractor is turned in after 30 days 15% will be withheld from the total & after 60 days, not paid at all... is this even legal!...
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15 votes
6 answers

Late for work because of trains

My trains are pretty dire most of the time and I was late again for work last week - only about 10-15 mins but as always I send a message to my boss to say I’ll be a little late. I got called in and ...
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3 answers

Is it okay to be late to work if you done extra time? [closed]

I have about an hour accumulated of extra time I've spent at work that I wanted to use to leave early. However, it seems much more sensible to leave early and explain that I have extra time ...
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3 votes
2 answers

Late on payment, possibility to continue. Company going bankrupt? [duplicate]

I tried searching for a similar question but I don't think any of them answer my question. I work for a small company and my superiors have recently told us that they cannot guarantee they can pay us ...
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43 votes
4 answers

Should I bring attention to my boss about arriving late?

Context I'm in a half-time, remunerated (extracurricular) internship as the result of a collaboration between my university and this company. I was recently extended three months to finish a project. ...
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2 votes
4 answers

Employees abusing leave policy

We are a company that is quite small (25-30 employees). As we've grown from 10-30 employees over the last year, our culture has also evolved from informal and startup-like to a more process oriented ...
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