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Questions tagged [luxembourg]

Questions about the workplace that may specifically relate to cultures, customs, or laws in Luxembourg.

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I fear my Software Dev skills are withering. How could I approach this in future jobs?

Some background: From 2015 to 2020, after graduating, I worked as a developer for a company, where more or less always managed to do what was expected from me, and ended up being a reliable employee. ...
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2 answers

Ethically questionable to be gone for whole notice period [duplicate]

I will resign at my current job next week (16.05. would be the earliest possible date). I have one month of notice period, which means my last day is the 30th of June. Now I have already holidays for ...
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I don't have a surname, so what should I use in my CV or LinkedIn?

I was born in Indonesia, where a surname isn't mandatory so I only have a given name, let's say "Samirah" on my passport. I am now in Belgium, in the last year at college, where I signed up using only ...
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