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Do I need to resign to ask for a Letter of Recommendation?

Is it possible to ask for LOR in December and resign in February? I am applying for Masters and I need to attach 2 LOR's to submit my university application. But the notice period in my company is 6 ...
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How common is it to start a full-time job in Sweden before completing your Master's in a different country?

I'm currently doing my Master's in the Netherlands, and interviewed with a company from Sweden for a role that is very much aligned with my previous experience, my degree and my skills. I applied, and ...
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What should I write in my thank you letter to CEO?

I have been working as R & D engineer in a company for the past 2 years during my study. I recently graduated from university and the same company hired me as a full time employee. Our CEO sent a ...
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What master's degree is recommended to study at a university for establishing a start-up after learning computer science? [closed]

I studied for 3 years computer science at a relatively good university, and at the same time I have several years of experience with broad and deep knowledge in many fields on the subject. I am a ...
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Upcoming masters program, but have new job offer

Currently I am working at company A, and I have a job offer from company B. My masters will begin in fall (sep 2021), and thus I am not sure if it is wise for me to accept offer B. I am willing to ...
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5 months career gap before Masters

I am planning to join a Master's program abroad in the US this Fall (starting in August) and have received an admit for the same. I am currently employed and have told my employer about this. I wish ...
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Master Degree or Professional certification; what would be more useful when aiming for the financial industry? [closed]

In a month or so I will need to make a very important decision. I can either go back to school and do Masters in Finance or I can get a professional certification. I am currently living and working in ...
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How should I set the duration of my MS program after converting from PhD?

I started my PhD program in CSE in Fall'16. Due to my personal and family issues, my professor agreed to convert my PhD to MS and let me graduate as early as possible in Spring, 2020. I have already ...
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Updating knowledge [closed]

I am a php, javascript, jquery, html and css programmer. Lately I have been working in another field for personal reasons but I want to return to work in programming. My programming knowledge is ...
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Should I do a Master's degree if I am already employed in the field? [closed]

I am very torn about whether to take the plunge to do a Master's degree. I graduated a few years ago with BSc in Maths which I didn't particularly enjoy, only the statistics and programming courses. I ...
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Applying for a job and grad school at the same time, knowing I would leave for grad school if possible

I'm currently two years out of undergrad. I will be laid off soon as a result of my previous employer being acquired. Really unfortunate timing as I had already been planning to apply for Fall 2020 ...
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Should I focus on my grades or on finishing my degree on time? [closed]

I am doing an 5-year Integrated Master's degree (3-year Bachelor + 2-year Master) on Physics in Europe. Aiming for a thesis in Quantum Computation/Information. I am currently on the 4th year and have ...
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Negotiations for terms of a post masters

I recently got an offer to interview for a post masters program. This would be similar to a post doc in execution, however the program lasts 1 year. However, before that offer I accepted a position at ...
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How does a person decide whether it is valuable to complete two complementary Master's Degrees back to back? [closed]

I'm using my circumstances as an example. I don't have a strong Bachelors (it's in Math this past year) nor three strong letters of recommendation. I am 25 years old in the USA and have not held a ...
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Putting future classes on my CV

I am applying to grad school in Spain right now and looking for some advice. I will be moving in Feb. to take a Spanish course. However, my grad school application is due in Jan. I'm wondering if it's ...
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3 answers

Employment based on Master's reputation

I would like to ask for maybe a bit of advice based on your experience (or just awareness) with reference to employment based on the reputation of your education. I know employers look more at work ...
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Should I list my MPS degree on my resume?

In May, I will have a Master of Professional Studies in Informatics with a concentration in web development. The college is an accredited state university. I'm currently unemployed and seeking work ...
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Asking your company for relocation in order to pursue MSc?

I live in a Non-EU / EAA country located within Europe (not Switzerland). Currently, I'm employed at a Dutch company and have a very satisfying salary which is far above the salary average in my ...
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Should I put a master's program I have recently enrolled in on my resume? [duplicate]

I am a high school teacher and am looking for a position at a different school. I was recently accepted and enrolled in a master's degree program in my field and intend to begin coursework in June. I ...
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4 answers

Shall I set my current position as "writing master thesis"?

I have started my master thesis and because it is the last leg of my study career and is something quite specific compared to just "following courses", I am thinking to set my current position in ...
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Are there companies or gov jobs that pay for your master's or PhD full time if you cut a deal with them? [closed]

I am looking to do a Master's in Computer Engineering and possibly a PhD in Computer Engineering full-time and I would like to find a company (or US Government job) that would pay for it. I would be ...
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3 answers

How to work the least possible amount? (programming next to Masters)

I am starting a masters next year and will need to support myself. I would like to find a way to make enough money to get by, but want to primarily focus on my studies. How do I explain this when ...
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Should I include my master's gpa? [closed]

I got a bad GPA in my masters first semester because of my bad handwritting(3.33) most of my classmates have a 4/4. I go to Rutgers University which is 34th ranked for computer science. I was ...
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Should my resume list my bachelor's degree separately if my master's was in a different field?

I plan on getting a master's degree in Computer Science after obtaining a bachelor's in Business Administration. Since these aren't related fields, should I list both degrees separately on my resume? ...
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7 answers

Are part-time masters treated equally to full-time degrees in terms of pay and qualification?

I’m currently pursuing a part-time masters degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering while working as a Computer Engineer. I was wondering, Will my part-time degree be treated any differently than ...
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Master degree in IT with the thesis or with the final project. Does it matter? [closed]

Part of the master degrees in IT (CS, SE, IS) offers two kind of programs: With the thesis work; Without the thesis work but with the final project. My question, how does it matter to get the M.Sc. ...
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How can I tell my employer that I started studying when I shouldn't have?

I've been working as an engineer in a company for more than a year and this is my first job. During the interview I asked about taking time off for exams. They told me they did not want me to work ...
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How can I evaluate whether a masters degree will benefit my career? [closed]

After successfully completing my Bachelor's degree I decided to do the Masters degree at the same (reputable) university. But before doing my masters degree I decided on doing an internship in a firm....
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When is it appropriate to sign letters, emails, website bios, etc. with MS (Master of Science)? [duplicate]

Just like the title says, I completed my master's degree in computer science. I work part time in a large corporation, and also as a consultant. I always considered this to be reserved for the PhDs ...
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How to evaluate if getting a Masters would improve my options? [closed]

I work as a (not-software) engineer, my degree is from a University of applied science (german title: Dipl. Ing (FH)), translated internationally as Bachelor with honors. I'm thinking about trying to ...
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Discontinued Master's Degree on resume

I've been working as a software engineer at a government organization for ten years since graduation. Now I am looking for a new job and i need to work on my resume. There is one minor detail i am not ...
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What are the benefits of Receiving an MBA when I already have a Masters in my current field?

I already have a masters degree in Computer Science. I am currently working in the IT industry as a Software Engineer, but I want to move towards management. so how would an MBA help me advance my ...
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