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2 answers

How or where can I get in contact with a coach or mentor to help me form a strategy to direct my career as Software Engineer?

I am currently evaluating many steps in order to further my career. I am currently working as a Fullstack Developer but I want to prepare myself to become a Senior Fullstack developer. I have so many ...
1 vote
5 answers

I am neither getting mentored nor getting relied upon in the job, I need help on what to do next?

It's my first job for that matter. It has been two months since I joined this job. I am a Linux Systems Administrator but clearly I feel I'm not being mentored as I should. My manager told a senior ...
7 votes
2 answers

Buying an expensive keyboard using company's WFH funds

I am a student and recently got selected as an intern in a big tech corporation. The corp announced that the internship would be virtual (work-from-home - WFH) and we along with all the regular ...
15 votes
5 answers

Am I letting my interns down?

I'm a developer tool and infrastructure engineer on a team that looks like so. Job level(seniority) in the company in parenthesis Bob(3)/ Me(1)/ Intern-1(0) Intern-2(0) Alice(...
2 votes
2 answers

How to ask my mentor to assign me tasks?

It's been 8 months that I'm hired, I'm backfill of a promoted guy who is supposed to mentor me. I have more than 10 years experience but when they were interviewing me I told them that I'm new to ...
2 votes
1 answer

How to find a good mentor at work?

Note: This question specifically focuses on identifying a mentor in my organization, and therefore is not a duplicate of questions like: Seeking out a Mentor in field that does not work at the same ...
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2 answers

How to show effective leadership

In each review since I started at my current position, my manager has stressed that he is looking for someone to "step up and take a leadership role". I was hired just as his longest-working employee ...