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Workplace cultures, customs, or laws in Mexico.

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Is it normal for an employment contract to involve signing over prior intellectual property?

I'm in process of starting a new job, and the employment contract contains a clause that states any intellectual property I created before (!) signing the contract becomes the property of the company ...
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Quitted last job because general delay in payment and the debt increased over time; it's been a year and situation hasn't changed, what should I do?

I worked for two years and a half in a not so well-payed job, which was my first formal one. They helped me a lot to grow as an employee, so the payment wasn't that much of a deal; besides, they also ...
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What should I think of a company that never handed contracts to their employees until I started to ask for one? [closed]

I recently started working for a company. Since the first day I asked for a contract to sign, and HR told to wait a bit. A month passed and I discovered nobody had a contract, even those that have ...
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How to ask for a monthly commission instead of per change fee?

Someone - let's call him Bob - contacted me a little more than a year ago to create a solution to automate his business, this solution has been working great for Bob, it makes his job easier and I ...
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Is it unprofessional to be the first to leave if I'm first to arrive? [duplicate]

I recently graduated and I'm currently working for a development company (This is my first job, I've been working there for about 4 months plus 6 internship months). We are a small team of 6 members, ...
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Should I talk with my boss for a promised raise?

First of all I need to specify that the job is located in Mexico. I am a recent graduated Engineer and got a job as a Junior developer in a local company. When my current boss offered me this position ...
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Boss smokes in the office, how to address this issue [closed]

I work in an open office in a public building. My boss has a personal office, where he often smokes. Where I work in Mexico, you can be fined for smoking in a public space. This bothers me because I ...
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