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Questions tagged [moonlighting]

Moonlighting is defined as working a second job parallel to one's primary job, most often to supplement one's income or / and to gain additional skills.

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Would this count as moonlighting? [closed]

I accepted and signed an internship offer for the summer of 2024 last spring. I love this firm (A) and i think it would be a great fit for me plus the pay is amazing. However, recently i interviewed ...
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Is negotiating a moonlighting clause during a promotion possible?

I have a scenario where someone I know is up for a promotion within the next 12 mos. This person works at a larger software company, and would like to arrange a moonlighting allotment in order for ...
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Should I suggest moonlighting to my company's subcontractor?

I work at a company that had subcontracted another company for engineering work. I have been in direct communication with various levels of management and technical staff of the subcontracted company, ...
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Is it okay to do second job without telling my boss?

I want to take on a second job, because I need it the income. Is it okay to take a second job without telling my boss?
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Possiblity of moonlighting via a third-person

Given that one is contractually bound by a non-moonlighting clause, is it a possible loop-hole to provide expertise via a proxy? Scenario If my previous employer wishes to procure my expertise and ...
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How to approach HR about mistakenly breaching moonlighting policy

I started working at a large tech company a couple of months ago. I also signed an agreement to be a scientific advisor on the advisory board of the start-up where I used to work. The problem is, I ...
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How do I apply to corporate jobs after getting fired for moonlighting?

At an earlier point in my career I got fired because of my own mistake (moonlighting). I want to apply for bigger corporate jobs, which often means passing a stringent background check. How can I ...
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Ethical dilemma: I work at a consultancy. How to handle a client's request to moonlight directly for them, for equity? Weirder context inside

I'm suddenly facing a bit of an ethical dilemma. To give background: The company I currently work for, let's call it AppCorp, currently has a client, let's call him Bill, who has built and launched a ...
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I am concerned that I might lose my job over a project I am managing

I am a project manager in a start up and I'm running multiple projects at one time. I have been here for 9 months. Every other project is going extremely well, work is being delivered in a timely ...
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Listing "Outside" business (ebay etc) on CV and sites like LinkedIn

Is it appropriate to list an "extracurricular" business (selling crafty stuff on eBay or Etsy for example) on CVs, LinkedIn etc if they are unrelated to my "career" activities ? Lets say I'm a ...
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Employee performance- working on personal business while being paid by employer

I have an employee who has started a Soccer Golf League in our area. His quality, quantity, and timeliness have taken a nose dive. I am certain that he is working on his start up company while ...
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How to build a application development business on the side

I'm an application developer full-time but I'm trying to make a shift from working for someone else to starting a company primarily focused on custom application design/redesign. However, my target ...
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