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4 answers

How do English firms deal with employees sharing the same full names?

Let's say you have 3 employees named "Jack Daniels". How do you usually register them in ERP system, like email address for example? I first thought about adding middle name initials but you ...
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How to indicate, when applying for a job, that my legal name is my deadname?

I'm a trans woman looking to get back into actively job-searching. As of currently, I've fully socially transitioned and use my preferred (female) name for most purposes (and it's what all my ...
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Name from unfamiliar cultural background (India) - get from email

My name is abc-xyz klm, but i go by 'xyz' in the workplace. My email is [email protected]. I work in an environment where multiple companies collaborate, and usually we refer to each other by ...
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Is it appropriate to ask HR how to address them by name?

This question may seem a bit over-anxious, but want to make sure that I'm as polite and correct as possible. I've been communicating by email with an HR about my hiring and relocation process. The HR ...
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6 answers

Can I use my fake last name in LinkedIn and resumes?

For my personal family related reasons I don't use my legal last name online. I would like to change it, but unfortunately it's impossible to do in the near future. Also I'm eastern European and I use ...
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81 votes
17 answers

How should I tell my colleagues that my last name comes first?

As someone from a culture in which the first name comes last and the last name comes first, it was always difficult for me to figure out how to correctly specify my name in an email. For example, say ...
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Should I address my letter to "Hiring Manager" or the name of the hiring manager?

I am trying to apply to a company that I have been an intern with. In January when I talk with my old co-workers, they mentioned that the hiring manager is still the same one during my internship. ...
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65 votes
13 answers

Being asked to change my last name (in HR system) to work with IT systems

I've recently started at a new job. Since starting, I've been unable to access an internal IT system I need. Support have told me that it is likely because my email address has an apostrophe. My last ...
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Changing name to get job [closed]

A month ago I sent my application for a job for X company for a full-stack job. They didn't move forward with my application because I am not senior level. I found a new DevOps job. I tried to call ...
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14 answers

How can I stop people confusing my given name and surname?

My given name and my surname are both well-known given names. Hence, many people use my surname as my first name mistakenly. This occurs especially in mail conversations when I cannot introduce myself ...
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2 answers

Designation changed with no change to my duties. Is it appropriate to update it in resume/LinkedIn from the time I originally joined the team?

Last year I joined a new team and assumed new responsibilities. This year the name of my position changed and now it's more in line with what I actually do (it had been quite generic before). I want ...
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1 answer

CPIM designation behind name

I'm in the process of CPIM training. I know that you attach CPIM to the end of your name once completed. I was wondering if this is only in a professional environment to show you have the ...
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How to remove a workplace nickname [duplicate]

I've been working at my current company for around a year and a half now and since I started I have been given the nickname "Droof" that I don't particularly like. I've done my best the past couple of ...
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11 votes
5 answers

How to convince HR to display only the new name after a name change?

A friend of mine is transgender. She recently changed her legal name from, let's say, John to Jane. In the company where she works, when somebody changes either their first or last name, the old name ...
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4 votes
4 answers

How to annouce a first name change in the workplace?

I am currently going through the application to legally change my first name. I don't identify with my current first name anymore and it is not representative of the person that I have grown into. I ...
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3 votes
2 answers

How should I address a recruiter using the wrong name?

A recruiter emailed me today with a quick update about finalizing my offer. My friend is in the same process and received the same email. Unfortunately, the recruiter did not bother to change the ...
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33 votes
2 answers

How to ask an interviewer's name

Sometimes, I have faced an interview where the panel does not introduce themselves. The panel could consist of one or more than one interviewer. Is it rude to ask the name of the interviewers? If ...
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How to address someone with a split last name in an email?

How would I address someone with the name, Sasha de Lis, in an email? Affiliation: We've never met. Country: United States Would I address the email as: Dear Ms. de Lis?
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4 answers

Can I use my English name when applying for a job?

I am Chinese and I am applying for graduate jobs in the UK. Is it ok to use my English name when applying for jobs?
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How do I represent a buy out of my team on my resume? [duplicate]

My business unit (X) was part of a large well-known company (Y). Last year it was purchased by a small company (Z) (not very known) and became a subsidiary of (Z) and became X LLC. I moved with the ...
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10 answers

How to introduce myself in a CV when I share the same name as an unpopular politician?

I am posting this on behalf of a colleague of mine who has begun job hunting. Her problem is that she shares the same first and last name of a local politician. The local politician has a poor ...
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