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Questions about the workplace that may specifically relate to cultures, customs, or laws in Nepal.

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How can a newbie product support engineer make themselves more valuable to potential recruiters?

Out of college, I had just 1 job for 1 Year. Discount the probation period(training period), I've only 6 months of experience. My current salary is around 250$ per month. I was applying with ...
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Senior colleague thinks I stole his raincoat, how to respond?

There is an aggresive senior colleague in our company. The company is dominated by the same caste he is. He thinks I stole his rain-coat. And the reality is that I don't even drive two wheelers to ...
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How to respond when companies ask me why you are applying for a different role job when you're already employed in another role job?

I currently work as system administrator in fintech company. Recently I applied for QA trainee role in another top company of Nepal(better than current one-if it matters, but I don't really care about ...
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Is not having buddies a good reason to quit workplace? [closed]

I am not a native English speaker. So, I'm pretty sure I'll be misinterpreted. So, I want to clarify. By buddies, I mean colleagues who are nice. I work in an office where no colleagues are nice to me....
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Is being able to drive a prerequisite to system administration and network administration job? [closed]

I'm based in Nepal. Is it mandatory to have vehicle license for every kinds of this job?
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Is it common practice for a school to force its staff to use school canteen?

Our school (private secondary) just opened a canteen, and it is of type where we have to order food and wait while it is prepared. Before this there was an arrangement with nearby restaurant for ...
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