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Questions about the workplace that may specifically relate to cultures, customs, or laws in The Netherlands.

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Male colleague using female bathroom and not cleaning up

I work in a growing company with only 1 bathroom for women, and 1 for men. The bathrooms are always occupied and everyone needs to wait from time to time. My male colleague uses the female bathroom, ...
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Boss asked me to sign a resignation paper without a date on it along with my new contract

After messing up at work by calling in sick way beyond the assigned time (my day starts at 9, and I called in at 11) I got a stern talk with my boss and senior programmer. My boss was ready to fire me ...
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Will declining my company's many social events negatively influence my career?

I've been working for this company in the Netherlands for 6 months now. When they said they valued get-togethers and game nights, I expected the occasional Friday afternoon gathering or a game night ...
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Team building events: during work hours or in spare time?

What are the pros and cons when it comes to deciding when to hold a team building event: should I schedule this during or outside of working hours? Assume that the company activities and the event ...
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I got hired as iOS developer, can a company force me to develop in react native the year later?

My company hired me with the role of "Senior iOS Developer". I've spent 1 year developing in Swift, native iOS language. They asked me to convert to React Native since next year, so I will ...
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My boss asked me to take a one-day class, then signs it up as a day off [closed]

A while back, I had asked for 3 day off from work, 2 days before my vacation, my boss asked me whether I was interested in a one-day class during my vacation (3 days off). I agreed because the class ...
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How do I explain that I don't want to maintain old projects?

I am currently working as a programmer with 3 years of experience in the Netherlands. At the start I worked at some projects I started from scratch and I really enjoyed those. I also acted a bit as ...
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Boss says that he will put in claim for damages if I quit [closed]

Yesterday after I just left the office I got an email stating my work ethics aren't right and that they want to talk to me on Monday. I don't have heart for the company, according to him. The truth ...
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Renegotiating a start date on request of current employer (after contract signed)?

Context I've recently negotiated and accepted a contract with a new company. My starting date is set to few months away. After signing, I notified my current company of my intent to leave (this seemed ...
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Is it ok for me to ask for money/gift card instead of a package for Christmas?

I live in The Netherlands, so I'm not sure if the same practice is also in the US (or other countries). But here, generally around Christmas time, it's typical for the employer to give Christmas ...
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My highest education doesn't reflect my skill level - should I exclude it from my resume?

This question is related to this one, but different. I feel as if my highest education doesn't really reflect the skill level I later developed. I'm an autodidact and dropped out of several high ...
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Should I raise the topic of travel allowance?

I work from home one day in the week and commute to the office the remaining four days. This commute takes up a total of ~2.5 hours a day (I do not mind the commute). I live in the Netherlands with my ...
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