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Questions tagged [new-job]

Questions about starting a new job, the etiquette required, and potential pitfalls involved.

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How can one resign from a new job gracefully?

A friend of mine just started a new job and already it's clear he's not a good fit for the position. He's not performing to their expectations and frankly he's not happy either. He's not under a ...
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How much should I say in an exit interview?

I am the only expert in a certain area in my current company. I have tried bringing up suggestions to improve my working conditions, but because company and my boss don't understand exactly what I'm ...
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4 answers

How can I get co-workers to buy into some of my ideas? [duplicate]

I am very new in my workplace and would like to bring up some changes. Most of these changes would bring the environment up to industry standards for this field, software development. How can I go ...
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Leaving a job very early to accept another offer [duplicate]

I was unemployed for a few months and during that time I interviewed with lots of companies. One of them was very quick and offered me a job very fast. They was not my favorite company and I thought ...
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26 votes
3 answers

When should I tell my new employer about an already-planned vacation?

When is it appropriate to tell a new employer about a holiday/vacation that is already booked? Especially when it is close to the start date of the new job.
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What do I say about my previous job, which was horrible, in a new job interview? [duplicate]

Last year I worked as contractor for company C for one of their projects. Long story short: It was pure hell. (The HR company that hired me informed me incorrectly about the job being Java ...
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9 answers

Should I propose a big change as a newcomer?

I have been working in the IT department of a (relatively) small company for 2 months. Recently the boss of another department (who is a former developer) told me that it would be nice if we started ...
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7 answers

Job offer contingent on background check: when to give notice?

I have recently accepted a job offer from an employer (a relatively large one with big HR dept). Basically everything went fine: salary/benefits negotiated, start-date determined, etc. I got the ...
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7 answers

Should I tell my boss I'm leaving before going job-hunting?

Background: I have been working for this company for 4+ years and I feel that it's time for me to move on, find another job that has better benefits and pay, and to experience more growth. I'm in my ...
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8 answers

What are employers looking for when they ask to see sample code during the hiring process for a programmer?

I have gotten requests to submit code samples (from past work completed) but I have never really understood what precisely these employees are looking for. Do they care how complex they think the past ...
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4 answers

How to decline an already accepted offer, professionally and politely, if I want to accept counteroffer from current employer?

I am working for Indian outsourcing organization for 5 years. I got frustrated with the recent situations faced with the management and also not happy with the assignments that I got. Hence, I decided ...
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5 answers

How should I respond to the classic "Introduce yourself" question in an interview?

Almost any interview begins with the classic question of "Introduce yourself". Somehow I found mixed levels of detail as answers to this question. How should you ideally respond to this question ...
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30 votes
10 answers

Is a cover letter really necessary?

With so many posts about recruiters not really having enough time to look at the resume, I was wondering how ( or if ) cover letters really play a significant role in the decision process. How do ...
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8 answers

How to interview for a new job when working full time?

I am a relatively recent college graduate, and this will be my first time finding a new job while working full-time. My past interviews usually followed this process: HR phone call -> engineer phone ...
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6 answers

Will putting my picture on my resume help me get the job easier while I'm not clearly asked to include it?

First of all I searched for this question on the net, and I found some links in which there were all pointing out that putting your picture on your resume will show that you're unprofessional and it ...
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12 votes
3 answers

My job duties do not match the job title/description. How do I approach my boss about changing this?

I graduated with a BS in CS in late 2013. I began working my first job as a 'programmer' almost three months ago. Since hire I have not seen or worked with code, and my impression is this won't ...
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If you provided an incorrect answer to a technical question on an interview, should you respond with a corrected answer?

Consider the situation where you've applied for a technical position (i.e. in Software Engineering) and on a phone interview you were asked a technical question. Regardless of the reason, you respond ...
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2 answers

How to ask a multinational company if a job offer is not a scam?

I was following a job lead in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Finally they offered me a huge package. After receiving the offer letter, I informed my family. Someone in my family start putting doubts ...
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How do I bring up being misled about my job role during the interview period?

After interviewing for a job in a new technology that has great long term prospects, I joined the company despite relatively low pay. After joining the company, I was assigned to different technology ...
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4 answers

How long should one wait after interview to see if they got the job? [duplicate]

I recently interviewed with a company on Friday in which I think the interview went really well. Now that it's Wednesday, I'm starting to get some jitters that I may not have gotten the position. I ...
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4 answers

Pointing out flaws in their website? [closed]

I recently was contacted by a recruiter to interview for a position at a company. This position is to help build and expand a new team/offering at the company. When I went to do research on their ...
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9 votes
2 answers

Turning down a job offer without Burning Bridges

I have 2 job offers offered in my table. However, how do I decline a job offer without burning bridges? what words should I say or email? it's my first time in the industry and I have no experience on ...
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4 answers

How to ask senior/mid level developers for guidance (if you're a junior)?

I want to ask a twist to the popular question that was posted yesterday about the junior developer who refuses help. Just some background...I recently graduated and have been working with my company ...
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5 answers

I'm not getting enough work assigned from my supervisor. Should I try to find more work or leave the company? [closed]

I recently (6 months ago) got my first job as a Software Developer (before I spent 2.5 years as tech support with some programming/software support). About 20% of the time I don't have any work to do. ...
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3 answers

Received verbal offer, waiting on offer letter, but [closed]

I know there are a few questions about verbal offers vs. written offers but my conundrum is unique in that I received a verbal offer and have not yet received my written offer, but I totally jumped ...
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5 answers

Is it acceptable to apply for a position with the intention of leaving within a few months? [closed]

Do employers expect or require candidates to stay long term if a job is not listed as seasonal or temporary? Is it acceptable for one to apply with the intention of leaving within a few months?
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4 votes
3 answers

Is it OK to cancel a signed employment contract before starting? [closed]

I am a software developer. A couple of years back I lived in country X and had applied for a position in a company that I was interested of working for. The company was in another country Y and they ...
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Is it reasonable to ask how the company is to trans folks?

I'm soon to be a college grad, and starting to get job offers. I'm transgender and will be transitioning when I start working. This transition will be obvious. My body and appearance will become ...
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10 answers

Recruiter is asking for sample code

After a good telephone conversation with an IT recruiter, he asked for sample C# (software) code of a project of my current employer. Although this is a logic question, it is impossible to send code ...
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85 votes
13 answers

How to respond to, "How long will this take?" when in a new job position

I started a new job two weeks ago using technologies that are new to me. I was upfront from the start about what I did and did not know so there's no surprises. I do a little of everything and so I ...
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3 answers

Can one company ask offer letter of another company

I have a job offer from company A and I mentioned that during hr rounds to another company B. Now company B has selected me but before sending the offer letter to me they want the offer letter of ...
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2 answers

Should I tell my new employer that I'm gonna quit soon for a better offer? [duplicate]

Background: I was job hunting for the past 5 weeks. I applied for Company A (dream company) and Company B at the same time. Company A's recruitment process is comprised of 5 steps, while Company B's ...
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6 answers

Should I err on the side of overdressing for my first day of work?

I have accepted a job offer as a software developer after two phone interviews, and they told me that they have a relaxed dress code. Specifically, they mentioned wearing jeans. However, I'm not sure ...
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4 answers

Signing contract on the starting day? Not before?

I've been through a really long hiring process, almost 2 months. After 5 interviews with managers and directors, a psychotechnic evaluation and finally a health analysis, they called me, and told me ...
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5 answers

How to ask for the already promised raise

I have worked for company A for about 3 years. Then, there was some internal & financial problems, and I thought is time to moving on. I signed with company B, I was very impressed by their ...
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2 answers

Should I know what work/tasks/projects are next?

I've recently started working at a software development company where the style seems quite different to my previous experiences. Mainly, the work comes infrequently and after I finish it, I don't ...
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When to ask for a raise at new job [duplicate]

My Situation is as follows: After graduating in June I started a new Job in August. When my boss hired me, he just said what my salary would be and that I would (possibly) get a raise some time later....
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Should I tell my boss I have a full time job offer? [closed]

I am currently graduating college and finishing up an internship at company x. I interviewed with a company, Y, got an offer and I accepted. The full-time position at Y is supposed to start in ...
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163 votes
8 answers

My employer faked my resume to acquire projects

I joined a company in India two months ago as my first job. I was pulled into my current project within a month. I am comfortable working as a shadow for the project. Recently I - as well as others ...
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24 votes
5 answers

Application says "prospective employer reserves right to contact current employer": is this typical?

I am in the late stages of the interview process, and was asked by the prospective employer to fill out an application. Above the employment history section was this notice: WORK EXPERIENCE-Please ...
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17 votes
8 answers

Do employers care where you went to school? [closed]

As a soon-to-be university grad from a less than 'prestigious' school. After reading this article. I have asked this question to a wide variety of people I have met. In general, they respondedthat ...
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4 answers

Should I negotiate a higher salary when transitioning from intern to full-time employee?

I'm currently finishing my internship (graduation) as software engineer and the company has asked me to come work for them after I've graduated. During the internship I developed an iPhone app which ...
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5 answers

How do I provide hyperlinks on my resume?

I am a new graduate and starting to apply for jobs. While designing my resume, I decided to include links for the code samples that I have worked on (I have pushed them on GitHub, for example). I have ...
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8 votes
4 answers

How can I successfully change job fields?

I have made a career change from IT software developer to software developer in mechatronics. Though I am familiar and confident with the programming aspect of the job scope, I am not yet completely ...
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2 answers

Short experience period on resume? [duplicate]

I've 1.8 years of experience with my 1st employer and 2 Months with 2nd employer and I'm looking for a job change because I'm not able to work with my 2nd employer because of kind of work and ...
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2 answers

Can I omit a degree and related work experience from my resume if I don't want to work in that area?

I have a degree in a subject, had several work experiences to begin with, then I spent 5 years in one job in the retail, in a good position. Afterwards I found my vocation and took a second degree in ...
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Is 6 months too early to negotiate a payrise at a new job? [closed]

Last year I was made redundant from a job I had been at for over 10 years. After nearly 6mths of being unemployed and searching for work I was offered a job with a new employer. The role offered ...
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Working extra unpaid hours to compensate for low productivity?

I am a very junior DevOps intern. Being an intern, I know that it is expected for me to not have the experience of my coworkers, and that impostor syndrome is a common problem for developers. However, ...
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47 votes
10 answers

What can I do if one employer used offer letter from first company against me?

I had an offer from employer A and employer B forced me to show the offer letter of A to them. In that situation I shared the offer letter with him. But he used that offer letter against me and ...
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Acceptable interview answer: To be honest... I just need to earn some money? [closed]

I've always given the standard bullsh** answer to the usual interview question: Why do you want to work for us? To work at your company is an exciting opportunity for me to exercise the immense ...
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