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Questions tagged [new-zealand]

Questions about the workplace that may specifically relate to cultures, customs, or laws in New Zealand.

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3 answers

How to respond to welcome email in a new job?

I just got a new job as a researcher in a lab. My manager introduced me to the whole team through a welcome email. He talked about my qualifications and briefly about my experience. Nobody in the team ...
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Should I approach my ex-manager in person to acquire an employer's referral?

I need an employer's referral which includes the positions I held and my employment history. I have contacted this old employer of mine via their official website, no response. I have contacted the ...
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How much hidden costs are there with permanent roles vs contractors?

I work as a contractor in IT, and it works very nicely for me (able to claim laptops, training, home office expenses and offsetting my mortgage with money set aside for tax etc). However recently I ...
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Resign effective immediatly after retraction [closed]

Retracted resignation after counter offer and now l realise its a mistake, how do l resign effective immediately? Can my employer charge me for replacement? I am based in New Zealand.
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6 votes
2 answers

Is it appropriate to ask manager or HR about the salary range of my salary band?

I want to get an overall view of the salary ceiling of my salary band. This is purely for my own reference. I do not plan to ask for a raise yet. Is it appropriate to ask about the salary range to ...
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How to professionaly answer that i don't have a work visa but that i could get one without problems if the company hires me

The company is in New Zealand. I currently don't have a work permit for New Zealand but I could get one without problems after having a job offer. How to tell that to the companies when they ask me if ...
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Confronted over time spent at work

My manager recently said to me that he gets annoyed when I spend time texting my friends at work. I think this is fair as I do this in work time, but I also feel there should be lenience if you take ...
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Employment Contract refuses pay for time spent at work outside of store hours [closed]

I work at a retail/department store chain based in New Zealand. Salespeople of this store are expected to arrive at work half an hour before the store opens to discuss sale prices and general ...
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