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Can I sign an NDA without telling my employer?

I am discussing an idea about a personal project with a colleague. As part of our discussion, my colleague raised the need for an NDA. This project is something I am carrying out in my free time, so ...
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Is opting out of "fun" office charity activites socially and professionally acceptable in a small company?

Note: this questions is specifically about charity activity and not social events generally. I work in a small startup which recently grew to 14 people which apparently seems to be enough for "...
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Is it possible that my employer is monitoring my activity?

Whenever I schedule an interview via linkedin, for some undisclosed reasons, my employers change their meeting time exactly to the interview time to keep me occupied. It happened everytime without ...
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How to handle a boss not allowing the creation of commercial products outside of work (e.g. a SaaS) [closed]

Some time ago I had this idea for an app I could make outside of my job, but my contract states that I need permission from my boss. This clause isn't very uncommon where I live in Europe. What is ...
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Sending department-wide non-work emails to colleagues. Is it rude?

I really would like to send an email to all the colleagues working in my department about tomorrow's strike and the recent UN report about climate change with some links in order to raise their ...
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How to make sure my company does not own things which I created outside of work?

I'm currently working third year in company that produces electronics devices (from design to end product), I'm not involved in designing, I'm just assembling them. My hobby is electronics, I don't ...
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Management prohibits participation in a fundraiser

tl;dr: Upper management urges me to warn my team against participating in a fundraiser for a former boss, who owns our direct competition. Locale: US. Bob is my former mentor and CEO of a very small (...
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How to Include Soft Skill Activities

I’m a software developer and I’m looking to update my resume with some “soft skill activities” that I have done within the past few years. For instance, I started swimming with a local masters team. ...
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A moral dilemma - how to provide code sample for a new application given restrictions from current employer? [duplicate]

I would like to change employment. As part of the application process the new prospective employer would like me to provide a code sample. I cannot provide any of my work as that is proprietary and/or ...
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Coworker screwed up side-job I hired him for

I have a co-worker who does car maintenance on the side. After getting a positive recommendation from other co-workers, I hired him to repair the A/C on my vehicle. He screwed up in two ways. ...
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Encouraging enthusiasm/participation

I have the task of recommending upcoming events and CPD activities that my colleagues might like to attend. This is done at the weekly staff meetings in my office. I try to include a variety of ...
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How do I deal with workplace questions regarding personal interests when my main interest may be considered immature?

Shortly after starting my new job as a development engineer at a larger company, I was asked to submit some personal information for a slideshow showing recent developments at the workplace (the ...
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Should I accept a colleauges request to join me during lunchtime runs? [closed]

I've recently joined a new company and I want to make the best impression with my new colleagues. About a month ago a new member of staff joined our team. Occasionally at lunchtimes I like to go ...
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Do I have to pay employee for 9 hours from 8 to 5 [closed]

I have employees that are service techs. They're out in the field all day. They go thru drive-thru for breakfast and lunch. stop at the store a couple times a day. Then they write on time card "no ...
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Bringing up extreme-sport activities during interviews without being viewed as irresponsible [closed]

When interviewing for a position, one common question is what you prefer doing during your spare time. Would it be a bad idea to bring up activities that some people might consider irresponsible due ...
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Declining department team-building activities [duplicate]

I received an invite for an out-of-office activity next Friday afternoon during office hours. I would have to pay for a meal ($30) and the activity (mini-putt, $15). I want to decline because I don'...
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Professional Organizations on Resume/LinkedIn?

If one attended meetings for a professional organization (example: IEEE or Java Users Group) on a repeated basis, but did not actually join the organization with a membership, is it a good idea to ...