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What should I do when following up a job offer after not hearing back for a while?

Bit of a long one. I have been undertaking multiple interviews with different companies in hopes of securing a graduate/junior role and as of last week I was told by a big company in London that they ...
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Is it advisable to switch job in first few months for better pay?

I joined company A with pay X but within a month I got better pay Y from company B. Suppose if I chose to join company B. Will it be an issue in future? Like will my future employers think he is just ...
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When should I ask for a return full-time offer after being an intern for a year?

I graduate at the end of this year and I've been started working as an intern since last summer at my current company (part-time this winter with class). I will be an intern full-time this summer, and ...
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When should I request a new offer letter?

I was hired after I signed and returned an offering letter. Then I was laid off for the winter. Then in spring I was offered my job back. The company was in court and changed hands while I was ...
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PTO listed as monetary amount in my offer, contributing to my final salary figure. Shouldn't it be paid on top of my normal salary?

I was recently promoted at my workplace and went from hourly to salary with what seems like a nice pay bump. However, I am regretting not asking these questions that I'm now thinking about post ...
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negotiated job offer and am I being ghosted now?

I was offered a job and I negotiated the terms of the base salary last Monday. I have sent an email on Friday and called this Tuesday for an update. Unfortunately, I have not heard back from the HR. ...
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Company wants to see offer letter received from another company to match salary

I love my job but I've been offered a job at a different company with slightly more salary. As I was in two minds to take the offer, I discussed with my current company if there is anything that can ...
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8 answers

My offer letter doesn’t reflect what was discussed. What should I do?

I recently received an offer from a small tech start up that just received a round of funding to be their founding sales rep. It’s exciting and I verbally accepted the offer, however when I received ...
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How to choose between higher salary and more immediate benefits like a relocation package?

Assuming same location and equally senior and interesting positions Company A: 65k year, bonus, cycle to work, interesting office with activities and meals, relocation package (from furniture to first ...
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Compensation decreased after recruiter fixed offer letter errors

My original offer mistakenly said it was for short term employment, thankfully after a lot of time, the internal recruiter had fixed it. However, since a week has passed, she claims the stock values ...
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Verbal offer was for permanent full-time, but letter says short-term

I got an offer for a permanent full time position, but oddly enough the generated offer letter says the position is short term unless mutually agreed otherwise in writing. The recruiter insists she ...
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2 answers

Recruiter keeps messing up offer letter

I got an offer but the recruiter keeps making mistakes on the offer letter. I have asked her to fix it twice and somehow she adds an end date that shouldn't exist. I have reached out to her last ...
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