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What to do for the client to release us from project?

My friend and I are working for a client from my company since almost last 10 years on a big project. No one else know the work we did, so we will be called anytime to look into any issue in the ...
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Why was my interview schedule cut short? [closed]

I went through the following process: Phone interview with recruiter (who reached out to me initially) Phone interview with hiring manager On site interview (which involved me flying coast to coast) ...
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Should you continue the onsite interview if you know you won't get the job? [closed]

The situation is something like this. You are doing an onsite interview, consisting of 4 or 5 interviews. Some of these are technical, and some of these are behavioral. Say you completely bomb a ...
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Suggesting specific flights for company sponsored on-site interview [duplicate]

A company has invited me for an on-site interview. Their office is in a different country, so the flight tickets are very expensive. I am taking leave from my current job to go and have the interview ...
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Should on-site hands-on data science interview allow Internet access?

My team is in the process of hiring a data scientist. We are a small team and have very limited prior experience in conducting on-site technical interviews. Our current plan is to provide candidates ...
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Cannot go to the on-site interview

I landed this interview lately with a really good company. Although it is clear from my profile I am not located in the same country as the work, they ask for an on-site interview. The costs to do ...
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Two months since the interview - still haven't received my travel reimbursement [closed]

I had an onsite interview two months ago. I was offered the job, but I received a better offer so I declined this one. It's been two months since then, but I haven't received my trip reimbursement. ...
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Should I cancel an onsite tech interview if I'm sick? [closed]

Should I let them know and try to reschedule? Go take the interview even if it means hours of sniffing and sneezing?
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Does rejecting onsite visit affect's my impression?

So here is the thing.I have been working with my current firm since December 2015. Soon after that, I got married. My managers tried convincing several times for an onsite visit, but I always declined ...
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on-site interview: is it the earlier, the better?

I did a phone interview and got the notice of an on-site interview at the same day today, they want me to be there early next week, which is pretty short notice. If I can't be there, it will have to ...
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Is it unethical to switch jobs just after one year of coming onsite [closed]

I work for an IT firm and got an onsite to US last year. Now I got an very good offer (45 percent hike plus perks) in a US MNC. I made sure that all my tasks are complete before I leave and completed ...
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Can I be forced to do off-site work during my notice period? [closed]

If I choose to resign from my current position and I need to give a month notice, can they force me to work anywhere other than my designated location of work in the contract? I am concerned that this ...
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Two onsite interviews, how to handle travel expenses?

I have been invited for on-site interviews by two companies, A and B, in different but not too distant countries. I don't really know how to take care of the travel expenses. Should I explain to both ...
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Onsite interview and hiring

Does an onsite interview indicate that a company wants to hire you? How is it different from a technical phone interview?
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