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Open plan is the generic term used for any floor plan which makes use of large, open spaces and minimizes the use of small, enclosed rooms such as private offices. Open-plan offices have become more common and have both benefits and drawbacks.

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How do I get work done in an open office environment? [duplicate]

I work in an office with an open floor plan and I am distracted by noise around me. I am much less productive and less comfortable when people talk around me. I'll outline the problem and then what ...
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How do you deal with an office worker passing gas in a corporate office

This happens regularly, once, every morning around the same time without fail, right before he goes to the bathroom for a while (not hard to guess why). He makes no secret of it, lifts one leg, does ...
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Very dark open space office, how to protect my eyes

We recently moved to a new office and it was almost unanimously, decided to keep the lights off unless it's literally night. Unfortunately, If i turn on my lights, it will turn on the lights for ...
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Open office space - complaints for noise - how to respond

I work in a big corporate office and a slightly more senior colleague of mine under a different reporting line, with maybe ~25 years in the industry, Alice, has twice complained to me about how loud I ...
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Could I make the loud sneezer/ noseblower leave the "silent room" [duplicate]

I'm a junior programmer from Germany with 2 years of work experience in a German company. We have an open office with multiple meeting rooms and one room which we call the "silent room". It has just 6 ...
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Where's a good place to take my meds in an open office?

I'm starting a prescription medicine that I'll have to take twice during the work day, at 10am and 3pm. I love my open office so I don't intend for this to devolve into a rant on them, but I don't ...
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Why do tech companies use open-space? [closed]

Open-space offices have clear disadvantages. What motivates software companies to use open-space for developers? It is not -- Cost. Employee compensation is far more than office rental costs ...
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How do I tactfully ask a colleague to not take extended phone calls in our open plan office?

Like most these days I work in an open plan office. Distractions are par for the course but something that I find particularly hard to deal with and somewhat disrespectful is when colleagues take ...
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Desk side meeting [duplicate]

I have a desk next to a co-worker who has dial-in meetings all day. Often she stands up and walks around, and at times, gets very loud when getting involved in the meeting. I work in developing ...
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How to politely ask colleagues to be quiet [duplicate]

Unfortunately our office is small and open-plan. We have around 20 employees squeezed in and for the most part everyone just gets on and does their job. However, one department has a group who never ...
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Working with young developers [closed]

At this point in my life, I have found myself working side-by-side with developers much, much younger than myself. While I can "take them on" at any time professionally, I am unable to establish any ...
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Managing office temperatures in shared office

We've recently moved to a new location in the outer suburbs, and in new shared offices. In our previous location, we had no ability to open windows, or control heating and cooling. In our new offices,...
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Is it acceptable to eat nuts in an open-plan office? [closed]

I work in an open-plan office with at least 150 other people. I only really know the people sat in my immediate vicinity; I work in a team of around 10 people, though I wouldn't say I know any of them ...
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How to politely ask colleagues to converse somewhere else?

I work in an open plan office and we have some meeting rooms people can use. However, often when people leave these rooms they will keep talking outside of the meeting rooms for 10-15 minutes, ...
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What can I do to overcome the distraction of my coworkers talking

I want to block the distraction of my colleagues' conversations. I tried different ear plugs, but none of them filtered out speech enough for me. Reading into earmuffs online, I read that ear ...
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Are there any strategies you can use to remain focused when working in an open plan environment?

I work in an open plan office that houses about 50 to 60 people. It is mostly engineers at their desks working away, so it is a typical office environment. As you can imagine, sometimes, the noise and ...
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Optimal office size: cubicles versus small rooms versus open plan? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Is there evidence to suggest that certain office layouts are better than others for productivity? Which of these three (and possibly others) are most beneficial to a company, ...
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