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Questions tagged [outsourcing]

The action of providing a company's service or business process to another, third-party company, under a specific contract or agreement. For use in questions involving work situations between such companies and similar setups.

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3 answers

Asymmetrical Non-compete Clause

The title of this post is motivated as follows: my client won't reveal their portfolio, but they require me to reveal mine. At the beginning of the contract, a client of mine(an outsourcing/consulting ...
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Service has been outsourced but employer has not had a single meeting with employees

I work for a public sector organisation in the UK and the service we provide for the organistion has been outsourced to a private sector company. The tender has been signed and the new provider has ...
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2 answers

Which company should I mention on my LinkedIn profile? The IT outsourcing consulting company or the actual client I will work for?

So, here is my current situation: An US IT nearshore outsourcing company called “X” hired me (I live in Brazil, and I will work from home) to work as a contractor for them, and I will work as a ...
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I was outsourced. Can former co-worker keep requesting passwords?

Three months ago, I was suddenly (for me) told I was outsourced, a business decision. After this, I got vacation, etc. plus a severance. It was sudden for me, but upon reflection I realize they were ...
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Managing feedback for subpar vendors

Our team has grown a lot and the vendors / outsourced support staff we're using have come under a critical eye. While their support previously was useful to fill gaps in the team, we now have the ...
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42 votes
10 answers

New employer asked me to work contrary to our agreement. I am not sure what to do

I joined a company in mid February 2022 as a Principal Developer after having spent more than seven years in my previous company. It is a service-based company, which means that the company has no ...
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2 answers

Convincing managers to build up in house know how instead of outsourcing as a young professional

Background: I graduated in 2019 with a bachelor degree in electrical Engineering and work in the electronics R&D section of a German power tool manufacturer for roughly a year now. As a beginner I ...
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11 answers

What motivates software companies to hire locally?

As a US citizen myself, I've been wondering this for years: What motivates software companies to hire locally? More specifically, what motivates Silicon Valley companies to hire talent locally, ...
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2 answers

Have anybody ever feel unmotivated working outsource? [closed]

Currently I am working as a subcontractor for this IT company. For the previous period, the work was shared fairly between all the team (outsource and in house employees) depended on team members' ...
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2 answers

How to ask an accountant for a refund

I am an independent contractor (UK based) and have an accountant do my 'accounting' for me. He seemed good to start off with, but by now he seems incompetent or uninterested in the work (examples ...
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8 answers

When should a company hire developers versus outsourcing them?

I am trying to create a web and mobile application. But I am confused between hiring developers or just outsourcing the project. Some people say it's better to outsource your project, but when I ...
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31 votes
12 answers

Could a single programmer being paid $120K per year be more productive than 10 outsourced programmers? [closed]

A senior programmer of mine is paid $120k per year. Yes, he is very good and a fast coder too. Though, is it possible for this person to be more productive than outsourcing 10 people from Bangladesh ...
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1 vote
2 answers

What is the correct way to express our disagreement with management about burnout?

I work as a contractor for a startup company that has a fast-paced working environment and aggressive goals. Budget is scarce, and management cannot spend on tools or new hires. To reach the proposed ...
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4 answers

As an outsourced employee, is it reasonable to ask for benefits that regular employees have on business trips?

I work for company A. My company outsources 10-15 people (including myself) to company B. I go to a business trip to a foreign country as the only person from company A (there are a few people from ...
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How do companies open offices in developing countries? [closed]

I've been interviewing for dozens of software development companies in my city which is located in a developing country. The companies are run by people that reside in my country and share the same ...
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Working at an outsourcing company for a client. I want to work directly for the client's company

So I basically have little to no connection with my company. My direct supervisor works for the client's company, not the one I'm hired at. I work on the client's site. I also work exclusively with ...
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Job change under outsourcing

I'm working under outsourcing in company B hired by company A. I was hired to be developer for X language, but I'm instead working with platform/tools Y (that uses X language, but until now I haven'...
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Coworker has nothing to do but doesn't want to upset her boss by telling her boss's boss [closed]

I have a co-worker in my team (let's call him John) who is supposed to be working with a woman from another company. She's on a fixed duration contract. It's bit like outsourcing because her ...
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How to prepare for a yearly review with a manager who doesn't know me and whom I don't know?

Background I work for a company that provides IT services to other companies (outsourcing) as a systems analyst. I'm assigned to a corporate project that requires me to work with the people from the ...
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How to handle an aggressive outsourced manager trying to induce employee turnover to get their own staff in?

Short version: A hospital's outsourcing services. Outsourced managers are abusing hospital employees to induce employee turnover and replace those employees with their own firm's workers. Hospital ...
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My area of expertise at a new job is apparently being outsourced

I am an embedded software engineer/ Firmware engineer. I feel really comfortable working on the lower layers of code (I have four years of experience in firmware engineer). I just had my first day at ...
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