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How can I improve an understaffing issue when production manager does not inform management?

I work in the engineering department of a Canadian manufacturing SME. My responsibilities mostly consist of designing products and production support (answering questions, solving issues, etc.). I ...
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How do I let my manager know that I am overwhelmed since a co-worker has been out due to family emergency?

I work in the US. I share some duties with a woman, Jane, who has been out the past few days due to her son having major surgery. Since she has been out, I have been doing all the work of the duties ...
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How should Directors deal with an overbearing branch Manager?

Talking about a branch manager who gets great pipeline and conversions, the numbers all look right, but employee turnover is very high. His high standard for his staff, requiring high work ethic and ...
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Feeling burnt out and like I need to leave but feeling guilty as there's no one to replace me

I've worked at my current place of employment for three years now and have progressed from mid level to 'lead' developer. It's primarily a PHP/Laravel based position. The reason I say 'Lead' developer ...
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Coworker pushing himself too much (Telework context)

Some context: My coworker and I are foreigners working in Japan as IT developers. Our team works from home 2-3 days a week. This coworker is working fully from home (too far from workspace). Issue: As ...
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Am I being set up for failure? Filling the gap

I started working in a FAANG company about 7 months ago as a software engineer II, and my team of 5 (including the manager who is also a tech lead) is onboarding a feature that requires engaging with ...
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Does a 7 day workweek hurt productivity?

There are many articles claiming that a shorter workweek (4 days) has no productivity loss vs a 5 day work week or it's a net positive for the company. However, in the sector that I work, it's more ...
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How does a salaried worker stop overtime without seeming unproductive in a WFH environment?

Summary: I am salaried employee regularly working 15 extra hours (over 40hr/week of my contract) every week without overtime pay. I work from home (WFH). I want to decrease amount of unpaid overtime ...
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How to gain business acumen while in a business analyst role?

Sorry for the long post. I'm working in an e-commerce firm. I have 4 years of experience working with SQL, Python and a handful of BI Tools that I have grown very comfortable working with. I feel that ...
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How to refuse constant outside-office-hours meetings politely? [closed]

We are always required to attend meetings outside office hours without any compensation. Usually, our employers are unwilling to convene meetings during office hours because it would reduce our ...
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Hired as developer, now responsibilities are getting changed. What needs to be done to avoid over load of work [duplicate]

After 6 months of unpaid internship I got hired in the same institution ( private college) I worked in R&D department and started to work on their website (which almost didn't existed). after some ...
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Should I tell my manager that I want quit in 2-4 months? Or should I keep my plans to myself? [duplicate]

I just wonder if I should tell my manager that I want to quit in a few months from now or not. Below I am going to provide you with some context and description of my current situation. Basically I am ...
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How do you handle being asked to work on too many things?

Currently I work at a company that used to have a sizeable number of developers. Different teams were responsible for their own specific domains. There was a database team, a systems team, networking, ...
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Studies on overworked workers

I've found that there comes a point at which an employee becomes so saturated with work that spending additional effort to meet deliverables actually yields poorer quality results across the board. ...
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Unproductive, overwhelmed, work from home single parent, children off school during lock-down, steps to turn this around

The context and background Since the pandemic started in the UK, I've been work from home. On top of that I'm a single parent and my teens are off school because the schools have shut. At the start ...
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7th month pregnant partner gets overworked by her firm, exceeding 70h/week work. What can a future father do?

My pregnant partner has is currently in her 7th month of pregnancy and due in 10 weeks in the US. In short, she got much more work responsibilities in the last few weeks at her company, exceeding 70h/...
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Getting deadlines pushed up for Manager/CEO's "Excitement"

In short I've been a developer for just over a year and a half now including my course time, I got assigned a pretty big project at work, something I'd consider a little bit past the scope of a junior ...
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How to deal with a manager who deliberately overloads you with work

I work at an in-house creative agency as a UX/UI Designer. My line manger is the creative director, I am the only person in the team other than him who does UX UI work. It seems to me he believes that ...
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How should one start a discussion about working less hours in order to start taking care of a parent?

How should one start a discussion about working less hours in order to start taking care of a parent? The scenario is that this person (I am asking for) is 52 years old and is a manager (office, ...
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Boss gave me unexpected money, then asks to work extra hours 30 days after my leave notice?

I start working in this software and hardware company 2 years ago as an Android developer. There were 4 developers in the team; 3 working on the server and me. Since the very beginning it was very ...
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Colleague overloaded with work, does not realize problem

TL;DR: My colleague receives way too much work and intends to work on holidays, without realizing the problem let alone airing it to management. How can I convince her to discuss with her manager? "...
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The value of chitchat [closed]

Overall I believe I have some of the characteristics associated with a good employee. But one area I have always struggled with encompasses a lot of what falls outside one's hard job duties, such as ...
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Options for UK employee being overworked without pay

I have succeeded at getting what I thought to be a great job after a grueling three-stage interview. I work with nice people doing engaging and creative work. The pay is not great but its above ...
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During a 5 year work tenure I developed a fear of flying. How should I handle this with my employer?

Even just thinking about flying creates anxiety, and I exhibit all the other symptoms that are associated with this.. 5 years ago, my life was less stressful however now I'm giving many more ...
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Grossly underpaid and overworked, considering using resignation as tactic for pay raise

I should begin by stating that I am earning just over half the median salary for someone of the same profession, skill set, and location. I work about 60 hours per week at a medium-sized business with ...
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Resigning from a job that is more work than expected [closed]

I took a job five months ago, but it ended up that I am doing the job of 3 people, which was not made clear during the recruitment process (including the initial interview). This is one of those ...
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